Samsung galaxy S8 will feature its own digital assistant.

By Marty Carlson

November 6, 2016

Earlier this month Samsung acquired Viv labs a startup company that was formed by the creators of Ceres. It had good reviews concerning its digital assistant called Viv. Samsung will now be including that digital assistant in its upcoming galaxy S8 smart phone.

According to news outlets, Samsung is incorporating Viv into its galaxy smart phones to expand voice assistance which is include services to home appliances and wearable technology devices.

Though no specific somewhat features the service would cover, when it is released sometime next year. But they did indicate that it would converge with other services already available. Samsung executive vice president Rhee Injong stated even if Samsung doesn’t do anything more on its own the more services that get attached the smarter it will become. It provides more services to the users.

Integrating artificial intelligence into the company’s numerous product lines give Samsung a significant edge over its competition such is Google and Apple. Meet needing a boost after the massive problems of the galaxy note 7 earlier this year, Samsung will be relying greatly on the new assay to help when over consumers.


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