Time to put up or shut up

Here’s Dawgs Blog’s list of just a few people who tried to intimidate the American public into not voting for Trump with their ignorant claims of leaving the country.

Al Sharpton


Whoopi Goldberg


Samuel Jackson



 Miley Cyrus



John Stuart



 George Lopez





Does anybody think U-HAUL is doing a brisk business today?

Time for these hypocrites to put up or shut up

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  1. Who’ s mind would change because they would lose Miley Cyrus? Or Sharpton? …” Oh no, not Samuel L. Jackson! I loved Snakes on an MF ing Plane!! They can leave and really the Islamic immigrants ? Oh if you insist, follow your leader Obama right out of here thank you for offering ..he can go back to Kenya where he was born for all I care! They make alot of things easier for Trump if they did …nah nah nah nah hey hey hey GOODBYE!

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