Media reports that a Washington man’s life came to a quick and after posing for a selfie with a gun pointed at his head when it discharged.

Apparently the man, who is extremely anti-Donald Trump, had taken many selfies that included violence and profanities directed towards a presidential candidate. His girlfriend had stated the photo was supposed to be a joke about killing himself if Donald Trump were elected.

The fatal accident took place over the weekend, and apparently was not his first selfie with the weapon.

Obviously the man thought that the gun was unloaded and was taking the picture with the weapon pointed at himself. The man’s name has not been released

the apparently had taken several selfies with the same gun on Sunday, and what unloads the gun before taking the pictures and reload afterwards.

Obviously this is not the case with the last picture, as he left one bullet inside the chamber.

Darwin award anyone?

The fact checking site of reports even though a similar event did happen it was not in a protest of Donald Trump just inattention on some dumb ass’s part and the story is basically false.

But that’s okay it gives us some pleasurable thoughts.