Some of you may be wondering why there was no noon time report today.

I left the house to go to court at the usual time and stopped at the store and came out and my truck would not start. It is expected I guess, after all it is a FORD.

Trying everything I could to get it started with my vast limited knowledge finally calling AAA and he got his trusty ballpein hammer and banged on the starter then told me to turn it over, the truck promptly started up.

Pretty conclusive evidence of a bad starter, and I’m not going to get stuck somewhere else in the worse situation than where I was at so I took the truck straight to some good people that help me out kind of taking care of a whole lot quicker than I expected.

I appreciate what was done by the crew at Dizney and Wise, and their prompt attention to get it fairly quickly. Any other shop they went to been done probably until tomorrow.

When some people make promises only some of those people fulfill those promises, Micah Dizney fulfill that promise today to me and I appreciate it.

Thank you brother man




  1. No worries, I’d carry you to court on my back so fixing your truck was at least I could do. Enjoy that toolbox and your #towschwag.

  2. Micah, thank you so much for helping Marty with his Fix Or Repair Daily truck. You are the best. We are almost done with this fiasco, but the friendship between us will last for life. I can’t wait until the next Walter Wells fundraiser in late January. I am certain he will be there, and hopefully the other unjustly accused defendants in this case. Your Friend Tom Jensen

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