1. SERIOUSLY WTF??????

      1. There ought to be a law,,,Lol,,WTF

        1. there ought to be a sense of Consciousness about this

          1. FOR SURE MARTY !!!!

  2. THIS IS BULL SHIT. NOW WALTER WILL HAVE TO WAIT LONGER FOR HER. She is a Judge and sick or not should show up in court. Between her and the DA innocent people sit in jail. Sorry Carson and the others one day you will be SET FREE.

  3. So will the matter regarding walter wells be handled tomorrow?

  4. It’s a toss up WTF will happen anymore.

  5. Seriously?!? Knowing Mr. Wally and his family were waiting for this day?!? What the fuck?? That is so many levels of WRONG!!!!

  6. Seriously?!? Knowing that Walter Wells and his family were waiting for this day? THAT IS SO MANY LEVELS OF WRONG!! WTF!!!

  7. Today has been a very bad day for Walters family. Personally I think this was planned. Wtf.

    All of us who personally know Walter and his wonderful family are just sick with all this bull.

    You have done a great job dawg. Keep doing what you are doing, you a awesome.

  8. Maybe the Judge took a 4 day weekend for a vacation? When people call in sick on Mondays usually means they are not sick, but are taking a little vacation. It’s okay with some jobs, but not when people are in jail. For a normal call in sick, she better have something that evolves diarrhea or vomiting. Otherwise she should be able to tough it out and get this prelim done. 4 days of no court, 3 days of court if she is here today, then Christmas and New’s Years Holidays. Only positive is that these Holidays fall on the weekend this year.

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