1. Fantastic. Ya right the new infor just found. This is their way to let the case get dropped. Those no good for nothing corrupt Investigators , Ferreira and Fladager they should all be sanctioned to the highest. I am Glad the Judge finally stepped up. Justice for Carson and the others. Can’t think of a better Christmas Present for the Families of Carson and the others Merry Christmas to you all. To the DA and Group ba hum bug to you may you rote in hell.

    1. Ferreira and Fladager approached this case with a “Please to meet you! Hope you guess my name!”

      Sorry all the DA’s Men/Woman Judge Z figured you out your names – No sympathy for the Devil!

  2. Great job by all members of the defense team, Marty you have done a great service too the people of this county, God Bless.

  3. Happy Holidays to those being released. Congrats to the defense attorneys for their hard work and endurance. So happy to see the law in working order against Birgit, Ferreira, Jacobsen and the other goons!

  4. Hans should fill in for Martha mote often

  5. The best Christmas gifts possible to imagine. Beautiful reunion just in time. This gives Jolly and Happy Holidays some real meaning this year. Comforting to know lights have really turned on and about frickn time too. Great job Defense!! Thank you Marty and team for your dedication to the facts of our County Horror Team’s and aiding the public to view the true innocence of all defendants. I’m betting it couldn’t have been easy on anyone. It’s not easy believing so deeply in the system and seeing corruption surrounding it. Nor easy to have full believe and knowledge of good people damn good at that just praying daily justice would again prevail. This is in the books of a very Merry Christmas. Cheers to all!!!! And Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

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