Marlisa Fereirra calls Carson “I need a really good defense attorney!”
Fill in Carson’s response here: _____________________________

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  1. Bahahahaha, Bahahahahaha, Bahahahaha.
    Let me get you the number of Bruce Perry and Martin Baker.
    Bahahahaha, Bahahahaha, Bahahahaha.

  2. Frank would do it. He is just that just that kind. I wouldn’t help her, but Frank is a much better man than I am. Frank leads by example. The way he has conducted his life should be an example for all of us. He changes lives for the better. Micah Dizney will attest to that. Tom Jensen

    • I would tell her sure and then not show up or be as unprepared as she was. Stall the court for a year while she waits in jail and then help her lose.

  3. Yes You do, Marlissa. I am glad You finally realized that. You should have consulted with several seasoned prosecutors before filing charges against me and the others, because if you did, they would have advised you to not pursue this case. You should have also consulted with an experienced civil Rights lawyer who would have advised you what consequences you would be facing should you pursue these charges. Even though it is late, You still should consult with some seasoned prosecutors and Civil Rights lawyers who will tell you to dismiss this case forthwith and what others actions You can now do to soften your liability. Dont just listen to Birgit or Harris. Get advice from objective, disinterested sources.

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