by Marty Carlson


This week I was advised of a rumor that Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christiansen had approved a trip to the country of Jordan for his entire SWAT team.

Trying to get confirmation on things like this is very difficult as people do not want to reveal what is going on. Several calls to the Sheriff’s Department public information officer went on returned and I contacted each individual Board of Supervisors member’s office with no return calls. All the secretaries I talked to at the BOS were very nice except for one who seemed to think I should have been talking to someone else and not the people that provide the money for such things.

Eventually when you asked the right person the right question use can start to get some results and this is what I finally found out:

8 members of the SWAT team are going to Jordan for training in terrorism and active shooters. $23,500 has been budgeted for this trip. In addition, those eight officers are spending several days in France afterwards on their own vacation time. This $23,500 was budgeted out of their training funds that they are allocated every year. Other than the vacation time taken, it is unknown if the trip they are taking is being paid for by tax dollars.

I have no information available when the trip is going to happen or if any family members or girlfriends will be allowed to go.

In addition, there was no response to the concern of the county being left without appropriate response by SWAT if there were to be a major incident during their absence.

For some reason, these types of things like to be done in a cloak of secrecy and can probably be explained very easily if they would return a phone call which the apparently do not feel they need to do.


  1. It would make more sense to fly a terror expert (trainer) over here and train everyone, instead of flying 8 over there (spending thousands) then continue paying them to train everyone here when they get back. Stupidity. Sounds like a Bunch vacation

    1. Or just send them to Bakersfield where there was an actual terrorist situation with an active shooter in a government building.

  2. Or just have a. Active shooter instructor come out tongue sheriffs Department. From the local Homeland Security office tie do week of classes . if I am not mistaken i think its located right down the road from the sherriffs. They trained them how to use all that new equipmentnthey got from DHS ..and they would not have to leave home . that would save a whole lot mote money that could be better to line the sheriffs pockets with…Gawd I can’t stand that guy, I seen that he went to Israel for a week before for an terror training? WTF? Modesto aint that serious , not serious to train with mossad ! And now we can see why these police and sherriffs are increasing in officer involved homicides . I suspected before but. Now I am convinced they train these guys to use deadly force if they even have suspect is reaching for a weapon ….or if they try to run, or if they itch their nose. Or …Do put their hands up , but they were Makin flapjacks before the cops arrived and happen to have a spatula in thier hand . take note of this. It is a. Good indicator of what’s coming in the future and that goes for the whole nation .

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