Lenovo Cplus

The buzz around the technology world is centering around the first bendable smart phone, capable of rolling up around the owner’s wrist. It is estimated it could be on the market in the next five years. The news came after a prototype mobile was shown that the Lenovo Techworld in June 2016.

The Chinese manufacture presented to prototype handsets with varying degrees of flexibility. The Lenovo folio takes the form of an 8-inch template that can be folded into. And the Lenovo CPlus is a smart phone that can be rolled around and owners wrist. Otherwise it is a regular looking 4.26-inch smart phone.

And apparently, Lenovo isn’t the only manufacturing working on projects of the kind. Samsung is in the process of developing a smart phone concept with the screen that folds in half, known as project Valley. It probably will be seen in the Asian markets originally.

Samsung has already previewed some flexible displays already, that are made from plastic, in 2011 in Las Vegas.

The concept behind all this and ultimate goal is to build an unbreakable phone. And apparently, this technology can be used in building tablets. In addition, Samsung, and others, are apparently working on transparent displays.

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