Lake County Florida Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a suspicious person trying to enter homes in the early morning hours last Friday, they discovered Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane in the area and she told them she was looking for her missing teeth.

A search of the area, for the elusive teeth, turned up a stolen gray Kia that contained her teeth and her pink tennis shoes. The vehicle was out of gas, the doors were open and the lights were on.

The dumass tweeker quickly claimed ownership of her teeth and footwear and quickly added she was only a passenger in the car and it was the usual suspect that was driving, namely Casper the ghost as she had no idea who it was.

For some strange reason deputies suspected that she was on drugs and as you see in the below booking information she was taken to the lake County Jail and booked for auto theft and possession of stolen property.

Rumor has it that she has Stanislaus County ties but it has not been confirmed at this point.