Foul-mouthed people may be the most honest

by Marty Carlson

Somebody recently sent me an article from a publication in the UK citing new research suggests that people who refrain from swearing may often be the most dishonest and devious.

Others who are fond of blunt honesty through profanity are likely to be the most honest in any given group. This is per the academics at the University of Cambridge.

The study asked 276 participants to list their favorite swearword to gauge how fond they were of colorful language.

They were given a survey asking them to agree or disagree with statements such as “I never lie” and “all my habits are good” to assess their propensity for mistruths.

One of the authors of the study said the correlation may stem from constraints imposed by social convention. Citing if you’re trying to follow the short social norms than seeing what you really feel, you are saying what people want to hear.

With that in mind he states you are not being very honest.

It must be noted they did not look at extreme dishonesty such as fraud, so it is still a question there is other links to more extreme behavior.

Apparently though the findings corroborate research in the United States that states that A high level of swearing that there is an honesty level of lower crime.

Citing some states like New Jersey, with a lot of people that use profanity regularly, they were found to rank highly on this state integrity index. And states like Utah and other similar places where bad language is a relatively rarity saw higher levels of fraud or similar offenses.

One author also stated that “at least people who swear are telling you what they really think.”

He also added “if people actually said what they think all the time, would that really be a good thing?”

DAWG Fucking thinks so.

The researchers also examined 75,000 Facebook postings, and said there was a similar correlation to the findings. Citing that people who regularly posted short, simple messages were the least likely to swear.

Researchers claim simple statements are already known to be associated with dishonesty, because liars find it hard to make up complicated sentences.

In my personal experiences, I find that to be a very true statement.

The study was published in the Journal of social psychological and personality science.

So please tell me “WHAT THE FUCK” you guys think.


  1. I found it impossible to listen to your podcasts due to all the profanity. I’ve asked others if they had listened to any of the podcasts, and the answer was invariably, “Once was enough!”
    If you want to be treated with respect, you need to make an attempt to clean up your language. I realize these are emotionally charged topics of conversation, but if you want to be treated as a serious journalist, you need to show some decorum.
    As far as “Bikini Fridays” are concerned, I personally find that sort of thing very disrespectful.
    I want to stay current with what’s going on in the Frank Carson case, so therefore subscribe to your blog. But, I have had to constantly ‘scroll on’ or delete much of what you post.
    I am indirectly involved in this case, and I often ask people if they know what is going on in this hearing, or if they even know anything about ‘The Carson 8’. I am frankly appalled by how few people in Stanislaus county are even aware of this case.
    However, I hesitate to recommend your blog to people precisely because of the way in which it is written.
    I’m sorry, but the study you cite above does nothing to make me or the majority of the public want to read profanity filled news stories.

    1. Thank you for your comments and I do appreciate them as I do all comments made.
      I appreciate the fact that you have certain opinions on such matters, and I have talked to many people about this very subject.
      as far as the profanity goes I did not use it during a months period on the podcasts and my listeners numbers actually went down and rose again when I returned talking that way. they enjoyed the passion and delivery that way because it is real.
      As far as bikini Friday there is no requirement on my site to view them if you do not desire. There are categories lists on the side bar, or on the bottom if you use a phone, so it is no different than simply turning the channel to not see or hear something.
      I am someone who is trying to have some fun and get information out and I do not consider myself a “journalist” recent event have proven there is no integrity in that term anymore and I am glad to be not considered in that group.
      again no disrespect intended, Your description of decorum is subjective and self serving, and not how many feel, it is just how you feel and I certainly respect that.
      Bottom line is you are speaking for yourself and not the community as a whole and I have no issues with that, in fact I respect the fact you were willing to speak up. Not enough people do that.
      If you are more concerned about the language than getting this information out to people that is a choice you have to make. But it does surprise me after what you have been through and I have made it very clear what happened in your situation, and I am disgusted in the way you were treated. I am surprised you do not want more people to know that.
      Your response to this article has done exactly what I hoped it would, get people talking. Sometimes promotion is needed during dull periods like now.
      The reason I am able to continue in this case with all the attacks I have received is because I am a person who is very strong minded and not willing to take any crap off anyone, especially investigators knocking on my door for bogus reasons.
      I do not apologize for who I am nor will I ever, my intentions are pure. I am what I am.
      Thank you for your comment it really is appreciated and people doing that is how change is made.

  2. I must agree with Katherine Kucera.
    If you and I are talking outside the courthouse, I can turn the air as blue as needed to make a point. However, I would never use such language in the presence of women or children. To use profanity in the written word shows a complete lack of word skills and a disregard for the written word. It is akin to misspellings and improper use of words that shows a lack of education or disregard for the proper way of doing things.
    If I were to start blogging, I would invest in a good proof reader. While I can usually do a fine job, I would want an objective eye to critique my work and make sure things were done properly. It is too easy to read what you meant to say, not what you actually said. When done improperly, it makes one look rather shoddy and uneducated.
    With all that said, thanks for the work you have done on the Carson trial. Your voice has been the only one shouting since Mayor Sabatino gave up on his coverage. Without your blog, I fear the defendants would still be in jail.

    1. Thank you sir
      So is the proof reading and profanity more important than the information being put out that you said helped these guys get out?
      I thought that was pretty big.
      Sincere question as I like input.

  3. I have to agree with both commentaries that the profanity is very off putting. The daily WTF with minions got old after the first month, and seemed more of a comedic ploy, than the absolute outrage it should have conveyed. You have a banner that says you are a Professional Journalist (with a member #) on the bottom of your blog, but use the excuse for using obscenities that ‘you are not a journalist’.
    Granted, The Bee did a horrible job of covering this hearing, and you or your partners showed up nearly every day. Those of us who have followed your blog appreciate your dedication. What we are trying to convey to you is that your delivery of information is often very difficult to read. ‘Decorum’ is neither self serving nor subjective. It is a sociatal show of respect by refraining from the use of profanity. In your lack of decorum you sink to the lowest common denominator as shown by many of the witnesses in this case. Perhaps you’ve spent so much time listening to their testimony that you feel the need to write your blog in the same manner of speaking.
    If you want to increase traffic to your blog, I agree that you really should clean up your writing. Yes, you are certainly stimulating conversation, but for the wrong reasons. People here are commenting on your use of obscenity and not the injustice done to citizens or the corruption in the DA’s office.

    1. It is amazing that everyone wants this information but no one is willing to put the work in. But want to tell others how they should do it.
      In my daily reports of court events you do not see the profanity unless it was part of the court events.
      All else people can simply avoid if they so choose.
      Btw Monica tell Dr. Kate hi.

  4. Everyone has a Motherfucking opinion all of a sudden. For Dr Kate, Marty is the ONLY one that cares about what happened to you. I don’t see any of your fancy friends with their “decorum” in the trenches defending you. Marty has been in my house, around my wife and children, and never used profanity. Marty is putting in the work and I won’t tell him how to do it. I’m a heathen to be sure so of course I don’t have an issue with his use of profanity on HIS site. We’ve had our disagreements but in order to show the proper respect for his hard work I addressed those to him directly instead of putting him on blast. When someone is fighting for you you may not agree with how they do it and that’s when you exercise good judgment and STFU. If gratitude doesn’t inspire you to do this then maybe try vengeance or the desire to further your cause as inspiration. In his daily reports, when sitting the facts he never used profanity. I find it odd that in the long run of this case nobody who commented here OPENLY objected to the way he conducted himself…….maybe it feels safe to do so now because this thing is for all intents and purposes over? Did he serve his purpose and now it’s time to stand up for decorum? GTFOH! Everyone detests a heathen until they need one. And John, if you start a blog you’re 15 months too late and if my aunt had a dick she’d be my uncle. I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel this way, I’m saying you should have kept it to yourself. Like I’ve already said all of a sudden. Marty maybe you could start using some of the vast sums of money you’ve made off of this blog to take edicate lessons…….Oh yeah, this shit cost you money. Marty isn’t a condom that serves its purpose defending you from all the nasty things only to be cast off when you have satisfied yourselves. ALL OF A MOTHERFUCKING SUDDEN.

    PS Then you call Monica for backup? That’s some no decorum shit right there.

  5. Seriously Marty, you asked for input. Here is YOUR quote:

    ‘So please tell me “WHAT THE FUCK” you guys think.’

    I actually read the scientific study that you referenced.

    So, I politely told you what I thought of your use of profanity in your podcasts. I informed you of what others have said to me about your podcast. I expressed my opinion about your blog and Facebook posts. I never claimed to speak ‘for everyone’, I was voicing my opinion and those opinions of a few of my friends and family who are familiar with this issue. I specifically said that I either ‘scrolled on’ or deleted things I did not appreciate. I didn’t complain to anyone or report anything about any vulgarity. I did not attack you or discredit all the long hours you have spent on this case. I never asked you to apologize for anything. I just provided you with feedback, as you requested.
    You say you welcome and appreciate all comments, and ‘you like input’, but after reading the subsequent threads to this post, I have to question that statement.

    1. Dr. Kate
      Your first comment was accepted with grace and appreciation as I felt you were very respectful and I just said a bit about My side.
      Your second comment under a different name,(monica), was not respectful and for some reason you went on attack after referencing the non coverage of the Bee.
      I have shown you nothing but support in your plight and feel you may have misguided passion toward me as I tried to make you understand how to avoid the offensive sections of my site you do not approve of.
      The bottom line is I am on your side in this and too bad you do not approve of my inability to write well or speak in a manner you approve of.
      Understand I currently have over 400 followers and if 2 people do not approve that is not just cause to make changes.
      It saddens me you have taken this thought process in this time where we need people to support each other in this terrible activities in the DA’s Office.
      I do not make money off this site and absorb all the costs personally, so I can not be hindered by anyone telling me how to do things. I am always open to constructive criticism but anyone just wants to BITCH about my spelling or use of words it simply does not interest me.
      Sadly my suggestion is you no longer follow my blog as it will be run as I see fit, and apparently you do not approve. And I could care less.

      1. You’re delusional.

        1. And yet here you are enjoying my services…… Thank you!

  6. The profanity discussion has a pretty simple conclusion, you’re going to appeal to more people if you leave it out.

    1. Thank you Charlie but as I have said before that is not what my statistics bear out. I understand there is a small minority that feel this way but is not the case for the rest of the people.
      just like your TV at home if you hear something you don’t like you simply change the channel. I am sorry but I have a larger group to appeal too also.

  7. Well this MoniKa will be siding with Micah and Marty. And Who the FUCK cares if there are a few Fucks strewn about ? If you want to know my opinion John, The word Fuck is a very versatile word. it is one of the only words that can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, expletive, or a comparative ex.: You folks are uptight as Fuck! See? It most certainly does not indicate lack of word skills, nor does it show disrespect for the written word. And another thing, This is Marty’s personal Blog, you all did not pay to read his posts or podcasts therefore you dont get to dictate what or how he should do his thing..Just because you cannot go elsewhere to read about the Carson Case does mean Marty should be expected to change A FUCKING THING as a matter of fact, Marty is not obligated to go to court everyday and write reports and pay to have this blog up for your reading pleasure anyway, He tried to quit on us a few months back, but he didnt because all us faithful readers and adoring fans would not let him. I know i love dawgsblog, and every off color Joke , and seeing WTF? updates everyday and every dragonspeak error i had to interpret. Your decorum is alright with me …shit, it only means your are honest and real. Dont ever fucking change, Marty. Unless you start to get money from these people, then clean up your act! LOL

    1. Thank you Monika,
      Just for information to all I have not created all these WTF meme’s, they are sent to me by many people all over the State and Country. It was a fun way to get out some important information in regards to court days and custody days.
      It will start again If I see fit, or not if I don’t.

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