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Florida mother arrested for alcohol and sex party with minors

by Marty Carlson

Jaimie Ayers


Five victims have come forward in a case where a 40-year-old mother was arrested for giving alcohol to minors and having sex with two teens in front of her daughter. This occurred at a party that was thrown by the mother for her daughter.

Jaimie Ayer, 40 years old, is accused of having sex with five minors at her daughter’s party in Bradenton Florida. The mother is also accused providing alcohol to the minors at the party.

The two boys she is accused of engaging in sexual activity with our 16 and 17 years old.

She faces a total of seven counts related to the incident. Apparently, partygoers that included her daughter, witness the illicit sex acts, as it occurred in the front room of the house

Ayer had returned home to her daughter’s party on December 23 and started socializing with the teenagers and that’s when she provided the alcohol. At some point, she told a boy that she needed to shower that he should come help her one of the reports said.

She was later allegedly caught by partygoers having sex with two teenage boys, and now three more boys have since come forward.

Three of the five alleged victims are age 16.

She was arrested on three counts of unlawful sexual activity and now faces an additional four charges according to the local newspapers.

The affidavit also states that her daughter witnessed the illicit activity.

Ayer appeared to be extremely drunk when she was arrested the affidavit said and her bond remained at $22,500 and she still remains in the county jail.

Where in the world were these women when I was at age, I always miss out!

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