Some intended recipients of the program

went without gifts for Christmas

by Marty Carlson


Yesterday an article was written in the San Jose Mercury newspaper, that reported that Santa Clara County employees took home dozens of toys donated as Christmas gifts for the poor. See article here

This article written by Ramona Giwargas, stated that top officials insisted the workers would be giving them to charity.

But a month later the county is refusing to account for what happened to the $200 motorized buggies and scooters that County workers signed receipts for by name. The newspaper reporter stated that many county employees were never told to donate them, and at least some of the needy who hope to receive the gifts got nothing.

County officials are saying it was simply a breakdown in communication, said Steve Preminger the special assistant to the County executive Jeff Smith who oversaw the toy distribution.

One parent, Patricia Quiroz, who was a single mother of three was one of 20 parents who left the Gilroy compassion Center at Christmas without a toy because of the nonprofit that was supposed to receive some of the donated gifts from the county ran out.

The mother stated her kids did not get anything for Christmas this year. Her 4yr old son wanted a Spider-Man buggy, saying it would’ve meant the world to him.

Apparently at one point officials were asking to get the employees to give the toys back and another area of administration advised County workers they did not have to return them because it was not considered “a gift of public funds.”

Dynacraft Wheels had donated the toys for Christmas giveaway as an overstock for the company.

Apparently when the truck began unloading the toys near the government offices in San Jose, County employees who saw the toys being handed out from a truck lined up to get some.

Records showed more than 120 of the toys ended up in the hands of 90 county employees, obviously some took more than one.

These ungrateful employees with no integrity did return 13 of the 120 taken, and those 13 were donated to an elementary school in the area.

It was also noted in the article that soon after the toys were handed out to County workers, identical buggies and scooters began appearing for sale locally on Craig’s list, along with a couple other selling sites. Some of those shipping labels on those toys on Craig’s list show they came off the same truck that delivered them to the county.

These types of ongoing problems we constantly see in government today, in my opinion, shows an ongoing self-serving attitude that we have in society that does not appreciate what we have and constantly must take from others who have less.

Management and Santa Clara County obviously fell out of bed and are willing to do what’s right in the first place let alone now.

All local agencies in this country need to start showing some integrity and start acting like they could lease pretend to have knowledge of what the right thing is to do, it’s Fucking embarrassing to see what’s going on in this country today.

Ramona Giwargas, in my opinion, one of the better newspaper reporters I have seen in a long time. She had a long stand at the Merced Sun Star and I follow a lot of her work in San Jose now. She always has been a top-notch integrity type reporter and I think we could use more people like her.


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