By Marty Carlson


Narcissists want to be the center of attention, it will boast and brag and tell exaggerated stories about themselves to make out that they are brilliant. They will talk and half-truths or even outright lies or remix of both which make it difficult to catch them out.

Engaging in conversation with the Narcissus can leave someone feeling like banging her head against the wall. In truth, a brick wall may possess the same levels of empathy, understanding, and validation that a narcissist does because these people could not care less about what you’re saying no matter the logic or the meaningfulness behind your intended dialogue.

One underlying trait of almost all narcissist is the need to be at the center of attention. They have the need for continual reaffirmation of self-perceived value.

Here are five behaviors of Narcissus they exhibit to become the center of attention:

  1. Reverse projection: Before knowing that we are in the company of a narcissist, will relate to the person as if their rational human beings. As we don’t purposely deceive or manipulate people, we innately trust that others will reciprocate such qualities.
  2. Incessant blaming: Narcissus will intently switch sensitive topics to divert your attention. They do so to put you in a defensive position, regardless of merit behind such tactics. To interrogate, focusing on any and all real or perceived faults.

    In turn, you will rightly defend yourself. Meanwhile, the Narcissus will continue to hammer away at their inconceivable notion that you “being in the wrong.” Concurrently, they refuse any accountability for their behavior and leave you in a resistive state. All the while, still justify their “blame game” by pointing their fingers at you for having created any drama or problems in the relationship.

  3. Shock and Awe: When a Narcissus apparently displays anger or rage, it is their intention to bully you into submission. This is a nickname a, as a narcissist typically don’t exhibit such vocal or physical behaviors.

    The intent here is to confuse and intimidate their victim. Rational people, especially those not usually accustomed to such outbursts, may become confused and intimidated. As a result, the victim may let down their defenses and become susceptible to suggestion.

    A weakened state is when the Narcissus wants, as it leaves you vulnerable to their unquenchable need for control and dominance.

  4. Playing the victim: Deceitful people love playing the victim, and Narcissus certainly fall under this category. Narcissus accomplished this by garnering undeserving pity. The tragedy is that this manipulative tack is exactly cute it at the expense of another – a person who is often the deserved recipient of goodwill from others.

    Though narcissists are an emotionally – neutral group, the acutely understand the power of human empathy. This knowledge is used to counter any real perceived threat to their self-gloss superior standing. If they hurt someone, they take a defense position – this often involves the emotional manipulation of those close to you.

  5. Interrupting: Narcissus have an insatiable desire to be the center of attention at all times. When the topic at hand does not involve them, they will quickly interrupt the dialogue and attempt to refocus the conversation back at themselves.

    If someone for imminently interjects, attempting to redirect the conversation, their quickly neutralized by the narcissist and rendered to silence. This is a narcissist optimal result. Should such a malignant attempt fail, the individual immediately be placed on the narcissist “hit list” – a perceived threat to be dealt with accordingly to the debt narcissist distorted view on what’s truly important, them and them only.