Robin Boyer

In July 2013, a homeowner in rural Turlock was involved in an altercation with a thief on his property which ended up with a suspect being shot and killed.

The then 58-year-old homeowner Robin Boyer had confronted the subject and ultimately shot and killed the thief Brandon Pacheco with a shotgun.

Today, Friday, February 3, 2017, a jury found Robert Boyer guilty of involuntary manslaughter, guilty of using a gun, and two counts of assault with a firearm. He was acquitted of the more serious charge of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.

The defendant had testified in his behalf stating that the suspect had repeatedly entered his property to steal, in this case old batteries. Pacheco a known drug user, was shown by toxicology reports, to have an extreme amount of methamphetamine in his system.

As we continually see in this area and state, we have an ongoing problem of drug abusers constantly victimizing law-abiding citizens to the point where there is major frustration and these things were bound to happen eventually.

As we have all seen in recent years there has been an ongoing movement to decriminalize drug use. Some people feel that drug users are victims of society, where the exact opposite is true. Their constant drain on law enforcement resources, city and county agency resources and repairs of anything that could be stolen for recyclables, in addition to the cost associated by the citizens as a whole in lost property.

Robin Boyers family has started a petition online , on change.org, for signatures of anybody that’s interested in supporting leniency in the sentencing phase of this case. We really need to start showing we are tired of being ripped off and victimized by a group of people that are not held accountable for their activities with their involvements in drug use and abuse.

The sentencing is scheduled for March 8 in judge Cordova’s courtroom.


  1. I personally don’t think used batteries are more valuable than a person’s life, and I hope I am not in the minority. There are many other ways to solve issues like this without shooting and killing someone. Our justice system is there for a reason — everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think people addicted to drugs deserve to be executed for stealing recyclables — they deserve to go to rehab and do some community service. Jesus would never kill someone like this — he would have given the guy the batteries AND some bread and wine and offered what help he could. Whether you’re Christian or not, that’s the moral thing to do.

    • There is a bigger picture here you are not addressing, the justice system is obviously so broken and California voters do not feel drug users deserve any type of accountability for their ongoing fleecing of the public, what is your solution to a drug addict repeatedly returning to steal what every one else works for?
      I do not feel those old batteries are worth a life either but why aren’t you addressing the tweakers ongoing thefts at that property and the ongoing frustration of the public in general with this type activity. If someone engages in violating another persons sanctity of their home and the feeling of security there are a wide range of responses they will get from that activity.
      If Law Enforcement is called, they will not be there for a long period of time, if at all.
      You said there are many other ways lets hear some of them.

    • We have an inherent right of protection to castle oneselves to protect our family and home. You as a Christian stating Jesus would not do this is not a justified argument as he is without any blemish and we are sinners. However this man had ask him to stop and fired two warning shots unfortunatly striking him with second shot. You mention Jesus who’s involvement here would be to issue grace to the shooter. Drug addiction is a sin and can cause others to do more sin in maintaining there addiction. This mans livelihood and home was under attack and he did what he felt he had to do to protect his family and home. If this man had not chosen to brake in and steal then we would not be having this conversation it is a misnomer to say one sin should be looked away from while murder is way worse. In GODs eye sin is all the same and if this happend in the way it’s written this man should have been released.

    • Yeah , I don’t think batteries are more important than life. If you come to rob me I’m going to defend myself, my property, my loved ones, any means it takes to get some piece of shit that is threatening my wellbeing ,safety , security and violating my personal space. So be it. Maybe these people that want to rob people should think is my life worth a battery?

      • I agree, I constantly hear comments like “people do not deserve to die over batteries.” And that is true, but if someone is constantly living a life of victimizing society there could be consequences of that. Anything else is a deflection.

  2. Maybe California should consider some of texas’ laws in regards to protecting property. California has got to be the worst place to live in regards to protecting property and guns ownership. Sometimes we have to take matters in our own hands if law enforcement isnt helping us out. And the justice system has our backs against the wall.

    • Well said and the Idiot voters in this state want to decriminalize most forms of drug use, Leading to addicts running longer and harder and getting more desperate.
      All that equals bad results.

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