Just as a reminder tomorrow morning at 10 AM the Frank Carson et al. preliminary hearing resumes in department 26 of the Superior Court of Stanislaus County.

Just want to keep everybody informed tomorrow is the day were back in court unknown exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow but I believe that the preliminary hearing will resume, but who knows.

I also believe there may be some fireworks in court tomorrow as there are ongoing issues that been occurring during this time off since January 3.

I will be there to report, I believe Tom Jensen will be there also, it will give you details of the goings on. If the prelim does resume there will be a lunchtime report put up like before, then follow up reports in the evening.

Also a note of a lack of funding and involvement in the shows, the podcasts are not scheduled to be restarted at this time.

And as I always say don’t take my word for it come to court and see for yourself.