By Marty Carlson


A resident of Cincinnati Ohio is being charged with first-degree felony rape, according to Cincinnati police.

Police say they have a video showing that 20-year-old India Kirksey performing oral sex on a four-year-old boy.

A video of the alleged act was uploaded online and the user of the social media site periscope had seen it and reported it to police.

More details have been sealed due to the nature of the case, and the clerk’s office reported that the woman is being held on $350,000 bond.

News reports also noted that an unidentified family member had been quoted as saying that Kirksey had special needs, and went on to say that is not something that she would normally do.

The family stated they are trying their best to get her therapy and talk to her to maintain her safety but emphasize this is not her character.

I am curious if she has special needs and issues why she was around a four-year-old by herself in the first place.