This note was put on my Facebook timeline today by a follower of the blog, it shows how some people,(copsucker), love to try to bully people but will be the first to report you. This is a personality trait of some very sick minded people out there. (copsucker again).

The comment is pasted just as it was written.

I was blocked by the FB community police for this comment I made on the Modbee. lol it was an old article from 2015 from Jardine. I made it today this morning actually and this Broad! ….she had me removedby this evening …We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards:
Linda Taylor I cannot believe it, FINALLY, something factual seeped from your slanderous (copsucker) mouth! Yes, your handlers at the DAs office ARE a big part of a group of “Good old’ Boys club” who “believe they cannot be touched” and that “they ARE ABOVE THE LAW”. It has been going on for years and it all though Frank Carson has been successful thwarting false accusations for the innocent people in court, the behemoth of corruption that has sunk its tentacles deep still remained. And people like AJ Pontillo and Carmen Sabatino still suffered the devastating effects of these false accusations in the way of financial hardship, political ruin, and character assassination in the public s eye, of which you, with help of this slanderous Rag .have played a huge role in inflicting . real up cand dirty to use your words, “against him and his clients. Are Stanislaus County jurors unable to spot a scam when they see one? Are they so willing to buy the lie, that they will allow guilty people to walk free. It’s not like we can go back and hold a juror accountable for a stupid decision?” that was greatly influenced by what they read here. You will try to respond by being incensed and insulted at what I have said but the truth is, you are just a pathetic excuse of a person. With no real friends and nothing going on in your life that you have resorted to becoming a lying “informant ” puppet sucking up to the DA or rather certain investigators so that you could at last feel. Important , accepted in the in crowd. You will say that I have taken your words out of context and unjustly used them against you. I can back all I have sAid up with factual proof. With your own words again, documented …… Heh heh I copied it and repost it …neener neener eat a wiener Copsucker!!

My response was to just put this link up to show everyone who she is and her “special relationship” with the law enforcement community:

ps: sorry about the above picture..….