By Marty Carlson


1) Pennsylvania, 68.7 cents per gallon

2) Washington, 62.9 cents per gallon

3) New York, 60.72 cents per gallon

4) Hawaii, 60.39 cents per gallon

5) California, 58.83 cents per gallon

The bulk of the Golden State’s gas taxes comes from its excise tax of 30 cents per gallon. The state also collects a 2.25% sales tax on gasoline, plus applicable district taxes.

Faced with a massive failure on the state’s part to pay out pensions to public servants, California Governor Jerry Brown has opted to do what Democrats do best: raise taxes. The targets this time are gas and vehicle registration, which are expected to go up by 42% and 141% respectively. After 9 years of taxes going up by 50% in the state, it is obvious that this will do nothing but irritate Californians even further as they are penalized for Sacramento’s inability to get its act together:

“Democrat governors have been regularly spiking gas taxes and vehicle registration fees for decades. But 12 years ago, voters recalled Democrat Gov. Gray Davis after he pushed the state legislature to pass a vehicle registration fee increase from $46 to $158.

The legislature cancelled the increase and Democrats have avoided gas and vehicle increases since. When the Assembly tried to revive a gasoline tax last year, the issue was dropped after polls showed 63 percent voter opposed any increase.

Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger destroyed his popularity by pushing through the Proposition 1-A high-speed rail initiative in 2008 that added about 11 cents a gallon to the price of gasoline — for a project now referred to by Bloomberg News as a “fiasco.”

Gov. Brown’s willingness to try raising gasoline taxes by 17 cents a gallon, and on vehicle registration fees by $65, is a sign of the insolvency risk from the exploding cost of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) public pensions. Brown’s draft 2017-2018 budget already includes a $524 million increase for the public pension contribution. That amounts to an 11 percent increase over this year’s $5.3 billion cost.”

Source: Breitbart

And they are always saying they want to look out for the poor and indigent.