Every so often when I feel frustrated about things, and not sure of what I am doing, and even myself who is pretty arrogant can get some self-doubt. Then all of the sudden I get a reminder from someone that kind of puts me back on track. Below is a message from someone I have never met and to me was a very strong and powerful message, and extremely appreciated.

I know there is been many people that have been very supportive I guess I need a little kick ass to wake myself up, this was one today. I appreciate and thank you very much:

Marty in today’s society truth has become a rare commodity. And too many of those who are being paid to report it, no longer do. I recently made a comment in the Bee stating that with what we have seen and heard how the DA has handled the Carson case and how justice itself and what it is supposed to represent to each and every one of us is being misrepresented by the clumsy and arrogant methods of the DA dept. I said that I don’t feel safe anymore. But there is one person who has placed some of that comfort back again. And that person is you. We need a dedicated person like you who makes it your business to see things like the Carson case through. The so called reporters who are paid to be at the trial or at least want people to think that they are there watching and earnestly taking in everything that a professional is ethically driven to do are no longer representing what has always been expected from a journalist. It comes from people like you now. Because without you being there watching and listening with a heart that possesses the integrity and essence that has been deemed as unimportant and inconvenient by those who are supposed to put it on and wear it daily like they want us to think, we aren’t safe. The defendant is no longer safe. We will never know what is going on in truth since the so called reporter who claims to have a complete story only stays for a while. I hope that you don’t think that I am trying to flatter you or impress you with a long winded comment. I just want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing. Because if people haven’t realized it yet, you are doing this for us. As far as the Carson trial is concerned, they know that an advocate is there now and has to start crossing every T and dotting their I’s. They can’t change the story around and if they try, “Marty” is there and he isn’t there to cheat us or anyone else. Real champions aren’t paid by someone to oversee what they do. They are governed by what drives them. And that doesn’t come from the new school or the old school. That my friend comes from the only school. Your sacrifice is a great one and what makes it legitimate is the fact that you enjoy doing it. Sorry for the long winded comment but I can see something that warrants ten times this little comment. These are dishonest times and we are being deceived. Thank you for doing what you are doing by keeping it real. If you can do this much for us then I feel that I should do what I can if I want to put my money where my mouth is. So for now I’ll donate what I can. $100 for now. Thanks again.


  1. How could this have gotten 4 out of 5 for a rating!?!?!?!?!!! What is WRONG with people! Thanks for sharing this Marty! I agree wholeheartedly and will add huge gratitude to Tom, as well! You have both shown such honor and integrity throughout this PE. You have both given so much of your lives to let the truth be told on this case and we all owe you our humble gratitude!

    I do not see how Judge Zuniga could possibly decide to hold one single defendant in this concocted theory that was shoved down the Woody’s throats and is clearly rife with DA misconduct from improper use of informants (housing two prosecution witnesses–Woody and Hampton in the same cell?!?!?!!). If that doesn’t wreak misconduct on the part of the DA, along with many other things that they should be held accountable for, then we all need to realize that we no longer participate in a free and open society and are subject to tyranny at the hands of people in powerful positions whose illegal conduct goes unchecked.

  2. I second that, Marty, and would like to add that it would be just wrong, plain and simple for the judge to hold anyone over to trial

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