BY Marty Carlson


California Gov. Moonbeam and all the idiot leaders in the legislature are proposing a $52 billion plan to fix California roads.

Anybody want to guess how it’s going to be paid for?

The Democratic leaders said Wednesday they would pay for with big increases in the gas tax, higher car registration fees, and a $100 charge on emission free vehicles.

Already higher than any other state gas prices would increase another $0.12 a gallon, which is a 43% increase. It also includes a sliding fee on vehicles, with owners of cheaper vehicles paying less.

A constitutional amendment would require that the money be spent only on transportation projects. The money will mostly go to fixing existing roads and bridges. It would also require support from two thirds of lawmakers in the assembly and Senate because it raises taxes.

Dawg’s note:

haven’t we all heard this before, including Gray Davis which I Arnold Schwarzenegger elected, and then he tried to do the same thing. They continue to spend on whorish projects like high-speed rail, the do not want to put money into the infrastructure like roads and dams.

We continually get increases in gas prices, registration fees, but they like to talk that they are there for the working man and the poor. They are out to control and get more money for as they please.

Keep in mind here there is a massive amount of money that is been collected already for the road infrastructure, there is major taxes on gasoline now, and every trucking outfit from out-of-state, these massive fees to just direct drive on our roads to help pay for repairs which is getting done. There is currently billions of dollars collected for this particular purpose but not being used and most definitely is being diverted.

Are we going to continue to let them do this? You tell me