According to a Texas student, modern veganism is too focused on rich, white-people vegans, and it needs to become more intersectional and inclusive.

In an article titled “Vegans must feed everyone, not just wealthy white people,” Audrey Larcher opens by explaining that the modern image of a vegan is “some hipster” who is “probably slender” and “definitely white” — and that’s a major, major problem.

“White veganism — which refers to the dominant cruelty-free culture of wealth, privilege and exclusivity — is not an option for most people.” “If vegans want to promote sustainable and compassionate diets for the world, their communities must be intersectional,” she continues.

“Instead of promoting the foods of foreign cultures, vegans go great lengths to reinvent traditional foods which rely on animal products to taste good,” she explains. According to Larcher, things like the vegan imitation-cheese industry are problematic because a lot of their products and the grocery stores that sell them are expensive, and that’s an example of “cultural exclusivity.” Being a white, American imitation-cheese-eating vegan definitely is a certain culture (I almost left it at “cult”) of its own, and one that certainly is available only to people with a certain means. But everything in the world is like that. For example, rich people also pay a ton of money to take spin classes at SoulCycle instead of just going for a run, and that, too is a culture (cult!) of its own. Take any diet or interest in the world, and there is automatically going to be some sort of high-end, snobby version of it where the prices are high just because there are wealthy people out there who will pay them (and then talk with their wealthy friends about how, like, amazing their $34 candlelit spin class was and that they totally needed to go because they ate way too many $24 zucchini-and-cashew-cheese enchiladas

“Most vegan communities offer no sympathy to victims of racism, appropriating minorities’ struggles to advance their own cause, so I guess “Black lives matter. . . more than Chickens or Cows, (according to her)

Another SJW trying to make a name for herself riding the back of the BLM joke of a movement.

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