Chicago cop is accused of framing 51 people for murder

He took the Fifth Amendment on the

stand in court and depositions

by Marty Carlson


Reynaldo Guevera

Former Chicago police detective Reynaldo Guevera is accused of framing at least 51 people of murder. A group of relatives of some of the falsely accused stated that no officials, not the state attorney’s office, nor the mayor’s office, want to take up their cause. The women went in search of justice themselves and there is continuing court hearings on some of the convicted defendants especially in Guevera’s most dubious case, the Roberto Almodovar.

Some of these accusations go back several years including one in December 2013. Where a civil suit ended up in depositions against the city of Chicago and this officer.

The attorneys asked the former detective if it was true that he intentionally framed Jacques Rivera for a murder that he did not commit. The former officers response was “on the advice of my attorney assert my Fifth Amendment rights”

for the next 8 ½ hours civil rights lawyers went to the name of dozens of people have been accused by the detective of beating them in the confessions, manipulating witnesses, or just plain lying to frame them murder they didn’t commit.

Four 8 ½ hours is response never changed, taking the Fifth Amendment.

In the Almodovar case, which occurred in 1994, initial reports from officers had indicated no clear motive, no suspects and no solid leads. But Guevera was a go to guy in the department to close cases. He was always able to find the witnesses and get confessions that other cops could not.

Guevera knew the streets that he patrolled better than any of his colleagues in the department that were on the elite gang crimes unit. In the 1980s people in the neighborhood began complaining of Guevera’s conduct. In 1985 the parents of two teenage girls, both honor students, sued the city claiming Guevera had blasted into their home pulled the girls around by their hair, slap them, and toward one of the arms so hard the bone broke. He was also accused at one time of putting a gun to the head of a man’s dog get some answers to questions. He was also well known for using the term “nigger.”

When he was promoted he had the supervisor by the name of Dorsch that was also accused of manipulating identifications in testimony. It’s a claim where people said that the witnesses are supposed to lead police to a suspect and not the other way around. At one point Dorsch had admitted to the type of interrogation to the media.

In September 1994 and 18-year-old woman, Amy Merks, was killed in Chicago being shot in the back of their friends of hers in the area at the time were also shot one fatally.

Eventually, Roberto Almodovar was arrested and convicted for the crime after the detective was put on the case. Almodovar had no previous arrest history.

After such serving 23 years in prison, José Montanez and Armando Serrano were recently released from prison. The Illinois appellate court found alarming acts of misconduct in the murder probe.

They had been wrongly convicted of murder and in court filings they claim they were framed by former police detective Guevera.

In addition, investigators had found 10 others who claim in court filings they were railroaded by Guevera. Noted to was Guevera had retired in 2005.


Jennifer Bonjean



Attorney Jennifer Bonjean represents four of the 10 accused.

She states that she knows there are many more innocent people sitting in prison because of Guevara.

The misconduct allegations have caused Chicago city taxpayers nearly $21 million, and that is a figure attorneys expect to go exceedingly higher in the near future.



  1. Yep Frank it sure does. We will always have to question authority in the same way that authority questions us. Because if we don’t, we soon find that authority that is supposed to serve us no longer recognizes us as the most important part of the system. They arrogantly say with their actions “We are the system” “We are the law” and “We are above reproach” because they think that they represent what is right. When in reality they settle for being (What they claim as being) the lesser of the two evils. That is what authority becomes when not questioned diligently by whom they are supposed to served? In the case of Frank Carson I see something that is embarrassing to behold as far as how reckless the prosecution has been. And the way that evidence is cherry picked and used anywhere it can fit even though it didn’t fit where it was intended. All because they can get away with doing that in a preliminary hearing but not in a trial. We all watch as this stool sample of acquired evidence keeps pointing at the real murderer and how other evidence wasn’t being shared with the defense. Its as if they think that they can do anything they want or they are really that stupid to think that it doesn’t matter. This is how they play with other people’s lives. Kind of makes you afraid of your name coming up in a conversation and nobody knows you or who you are. But if for some strange reason (I don’t know, just life itself) your name comes up because you just happened to stop at that liquor store and forgot to grab your cell phone from the counter when you paid for your beer and the next thing you know you become convenient to be used. Maybe even become a suspect. Here is the disgusting part. They know that you aren’t guilty of anything but they use you anyway that they can. That is the power that has become perverted and repulsive and I have seen it used that way too many times in a way that proves that innocent people are nothing to these so called people’s advocates for justice. All I can say is watch your back. Drive the speed limit. You already know your enemy. And I’m sure that they know you also. There is even some gal who thinks that she does important police work but she doesn’t even belong to any kind of police agency. These people only see themselves as significant. They have lost the essence of acknowledging the human element and will throw anyone under the bus for that strange need for attention. I guess I would to if my picture made me look like a Yeti. Saw it on your blog. Thanks for keeping us informed. It would be terrible to think that the same thing going on in Chicago could go on here. But then again, it has. And how far can they go before enough is enough. They have an ACLU. They have PETA. They have SPCA, NAACP, MADD etc etc. There needs to be some kind of entity that keeps the justice system in line. Congratulations my friend. Providence has made its choice with you and your associates who also are behind you. When there are problems that you may need help with, make it known. Even if you just need a new pad and pencil. Well its time to shut up. Sorry for the long winded stuff again. If they say that you are being critical, just tell them that some times the truth can look that way. But it needs to be said just for the sake of truth. Especially if you haven’t heard any in a while. Glad that we have a watch Dawg.

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