April 10, 2017, a day which will live in infamy in Stanislaus County judicial history. That is the day that Judge Zuniga made her ruling in the preliminary hearing. It was a day of surprises, disappointments and premonitions.

The morning started off with a warning from the judge for the gallery not to react when hearing the results of her decision. The gallery was full with 95% of the gallery in support of the innocent Carson 8. Those warning words did not bode well for the Carson 8 faithful.

The judge first dealt with Georgia Carson and Frank Carson’s stepdaughter Christina De Flippo who were dragged into the fray by overly zealous DA fladager whose sole intention was to disrupt the lives of innocent people in her attempt to subvert justice and cause as much misery, stress and financial loss as her wretched hands could squeeze out of them.

It is a terrible affront to taxpaying citizens and innocent persons to waste hard earned citizen’s taxes to try to destroy a person that is far more intellectually, professionally and knowledgeably gifted than herself. DA fladager brings shame and disrespect title of District Attorney. She has the attitude to destroy and damage anyone or anything that gets in the way of her getting on that pedestal that she hopes people will look up to. Not in this lifetime birgit!

She forgets history. Dictator Saddam Hussain had a huge statue of himself erected there in Baghdad. When the people of Iraq became tired of his egregious and dictatorial conduct, and with the help of others overthrew that dictator, they toppled his statue and hammered it into pieces. DA fladager will soon have to realize history will be repeating itself here in Stanislaus County very soon

Right before the judge came to the bench, a parade of “investigators “came marching from the lobby down the aisle and inside the barrier that separates the gallery from the bench area. Why they were there is anybody’s guess. They should have been out working to solve crimes or to conjure up more false evidence to try to convict innocent persons. Another waste of taxpayer dollars. The only reason they could have been there is to gloat if any of the innocent Carson 8 were held to answer.

The whole shitamarie were there. Jon “don’t mention domestic violence around me cuz I got away with it “Evers, nummy rhymes with you know what Navarro, “Piltdown Man” Brody, “Lurch” Fingerfelt and of course don’t forget the leader of the rat pack, Capt. Crunch Bunch.
I did not see “Jake from State Farm “Jacobson there. He must have been back in the DA’s office writing up another phony search warrant so that he and Capt. Crunch Bunch could go into a law-abiding citizens business and wave their guns around threatening people while looking for documents. Check out the terror attack on the office of AJ Pontillo.

Oh and we can’t forget the judges favorite bailiff, Timothy Luke Schwartz. Old Timothy is the center of and preparing to fight his own battle in federal court in Fresno for viciously assaulting an innocent citizen, Gene Forte in Patterson California. The whole incident was recorded on video and shows Timothy knocking a proned out face down citizen in the back of his head with his elbow pushing the innocent citizens face into the pavement. I will be keeping everyone advised as to the progress of that case as it continues. You can go to badgerflats.com to see what the system does to people fighting corruption in the government.

Prior to continuing my commentary, I feel it necessary once again to post my disclaimer so here it is:

“As a disclaimer for this commentary, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate, ethical and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city where dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The three keywords in my commentary are “legitimate”, “ethical” and “unbiased”. This description covers 98% of our law enforcement personnel in the United States”.

Those three qualities do not exist in the case of the Carson 8. This case is rife with liars including both current and pending felony dirtbags and law enforcement officers. Mishandled and tampered with evidence, blatant Brady violations, promises made to dirtbags for help in their case if they will testify a certain way in the Carson case, paying a glorified cell phone salesman over $350,000 for alleged expert testimony which was completely disintegrated by the defense attorneys.

A deputy district attorney (ferreira) who tells the court that no deals were made to any of her criminal witnesses for help in their cases for their testimony. Then Deputy Public Defender Ben Rosenstein comes in and testifies that on the contrary, deals were made for two of the criminal witnesses he represents. That makes ferreira a big fat lying deputy DA. No surprises here folks! And no sanctions either. What’s up with that. Read further and you may be enlightened.

This is a shameful, unethical and sick personal vendetta against Frank Carson, et al, by a DA with the prowess of Algonquin J. Calhoun (Google him) whose motto is “If you can’t beat him, book him”. If you don’t have Google, Calhoun “is best known as the shyster lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun in the Amos ‘N’ Andy Show”. I certainly hope that the Amos and Andy show will not sue me for defamation of character by comparing fladager to attorney Calhoun who actually had some measure of legal prowess that fladager does not possess. But I do believe they went to the same law school.

For the record at this point, DA fladager has never once shown her charming face inside of this preliminary hearing. She has preferred to throw Ferreira under the bus!!!!!!!

While the judge was delivering her verdicts, I noticed Piltdown Man Brody who always slouches down in his seat, looking around with just his head showing looking like an imbecilic bobble head going back and forth and up and down. Kind of creepy looking. And why is a state employee here today anyway? He doesn’t realize how really entertaining it is to watch him.

Because I am a “go for the throat” kind of guy, even though that would be hard to imagine from my commentaries, I am not going to go into elaborate detail regarding all that was said in the hearing. You can read detailed reports of the hearing at DAWGONNIT.COM. I will be taking bits and pieces of Marty and Tom’s commentaries with their permission to comment on. Please remember that my unbiased fair and balanced comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the ideology of those who print them or read them. So here goes…

All comments used from other sources will be italicized and underlined to delineate them from my comments.

Judge Zuniga now goes into her rulings. Things go well for Georgia DeFelippo and Christina DeFelippo. She finds no evidence at all for a homicide with Georgia DeFelippo. She finds no evidence for obstruction of justice for Georgia DeFelippo or Christina DeFelippo. She sees nothing that would indicate that either of them were involved with a conspiracy to obstruct justice. She states that there is no evidence to show that Christina was an accessory, or knew anything about a felony being committed. Marlisa Ferreira spouts out that she had argued for accessory for Georgia DeFelippo, and Judge Zuniga states that there is no evidence that shows that Georgia knew a felony had been committed.

The judge summarily dismissed the charges against Georgia Carson and Christina DeFilippo and exonerated their bail. Charges which should have never been brought in the first place but the demented DA tried to snare as many people as she thought she could into her vindictive web of deception. As the plethora of civil suits commence for this malicious prosecution, that will be the death knoll for this DA. Perhaps she could move to Podunk County, Kentucky, run for DA taking her investigator minions with her to persecute the moonshiners. She would have to be careful because moonshiners have been known to pick off them “revennewers”.


The judge admitted having a hard time ruling on Walter Wells, and stated that she had spent the most time looking at his situation. I noticed on the bench she was still having that conflict of her ruling. She had stopped and paused several times and she was referring to Walter Wells and deciding what she was going to do as she was still not sure.

If somebody is that conflicted in a ruling of this magnitude, there is something fundamentally wrong with what they are doing. That indicates to me that it probably did not rise to the level of probable cause, but the judge ruled that she be held anyway. MC.

We now go into Walter Wells. Judge Zuniga states that she struggled with this ruling. She starts out by stating that Marlisa Ferreira has taken homicide off the charges for Walter Wells. Judge Zuniga now starts speaking about obstruction of justice, and overt act #12. She states that there is no evidence of this. She now goes into the phone records, and states that the phone records are troubling for both the defense and the prosecution Based on the phone records, Judge Zuniga found enough evidence to hold Walter Wells over for count 2 of obstruction of justice. Marlisa Ferreira reminds the judge that she had asked for a charge of accessory, and Judge Zuniga states that there is sufficient evidence to hold Walter Wells over for a charge of accessory. Judge Zuniga states that there is insufficient evidence to hold Walter Wells over for a charge of murder. TJ.

The judge held Walter Wells to answer for obstruction of justice based on the fact that his cell phone pinged in the same area as Kory Kaufman’s cell phone after he disappeared. Of course, that means that thousands of other people’s cell phones pinged in the same area as Kory Kaufman’s cell phone and they are potential suspects. Could you be one of them? With fladager’s vindictive nature of throwing bull crap against the wall to see what sticks, you may be next.


More shoddy and discredited by defense attorneys information provided by slick cell phone salesman jungle jim cook and his monkey boy son Cheeta who was also sitting in court sucking up the taxpayer dollars so that he and dad could go on that world cruise at the expense of the gullible taxpayers in Stanislaus County. Gullible because the taxpayers have not made demands to the board of supervisors to remove fladager from office before her malicious nature costs Stanislaus County tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits. She is a definite financial liability for Stanislaus County.


Now we get to Frank Carson. Judge Zuniga states that the evidence shows that Frank Carson set this whole process into motion. She rules that Frank Carson, Baljit Athwal, and Daljit Atwal have to be held over for murder, and obstruction of justice. Judge Zuniga states that there is insufficient evidence to prove the special circumstance of lying in wait. She states that this would require a specific intent to kill, and that there is no evidence to show that Baljit Athwal intended to kill Korey Kauffman. She states that there is no evidence to show that a gun or a knife was present. TJ.

Of course there were no special circumstances. There were no other circumstances either. This whole case is based on believing that a drug addicted scumbag lowlife would even know the truth if it kicked him in the rectum. Obviously he would not since this is where his head is located. Woody was so afraid of being charged with murder and the death penalty that he would say anything that the prosecutor wants him to just save his rectum. That is as clean as I can make it folks.

This led to some conversation about the defendants being released on December 22, and I remember at the time the judge stated that she was releasing them to “save the integrity of the process.” But on Monday the judge made it very interesting, it’s on the record, that she had released those defendants from custody to save the District Attorney’s Office from losing this case.

Thinking about that comment, and it is resonating with me for some time, I am aghast that a Superior Court judge, who has been on the bench for a long period of time, would think that she has the responsibility of saving the district attorney’s case for them. I personally do not feel that is her job. Her job is to be an unbiased arbitrator of the facts of the case, and that thought process is in part why this preliminary hearing took 18 months to complete.

Judge Zuniga, A former prosecuter, bent over backwards for this District Attorney’s Office in this case repeatedly, even at times helping Marlisa Ferreira with her questioning of witnesses, and the proper way to ask a question. MC.

…Judge Zuniga states that she let the defendants out on their own recognizance to save the prosecution from having the case tossed out due to all the late discovery. Judge Zuniga states that the special circumstances of lying in wait have been tossed out. Judge Zuniga now states that she is not going to set bail for the defendants, and put them back into custody. TJ.

This statement by the judge about saving the DAs case on the surface appears to prejudice the defendants. It would seem evident to even the most uninformed observer that that statement means that instead of following the law and throwing out the DAs phony case on the first occasion of the DA failing to provide discovery in a timely manner, the judge stopped being an unbiased and neutral tribunal and aided and abetted the persecution in continuing this farcical and egregious miscarriage of justice to continue.

To the readers of my commentaries, I am not an attorney, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Now you might have to go back a ways to remember that commercial. And I am not an attorney but I feel that a terrible judicial error was made when the judge failed to throw this thing out. It almost takes on the appearance of that old saying, “Give em a fair trial and hang em”. We know that the judge was a former prosecutor and apparently once that mentality gets in your blood it’s hard to get it out. A person should know their role and stick to it.

Judge Zuniga now takes up the perjury charge against Frank Carson. This involves a Form 700 that had some financial information that was missing on it. Frank had filled this form out when he ran for DA. She states that Frank Carson had filed an amended Form 700, but that she sees this amended form as not being done in good faith. TJ.

Ms. Ferreira, this count is so misjoined. You can’t do anything about it now, but it really is. It’s misjoined. It’s got nothing to do with the homicide. There isn’t — the evidence that is used for the homicide is not going to be also used to prove this count. It is really misjoined.

The additional charge that Frank Carson was held to answer on was a perjury charge that had to do with an IRS matter completely separate and unrelated to this case. The judge tells Ferreira on numerous occasions that the charge is misjoined several times to make her point.

Legal Definition of misjoinder: an incorrect joinder of claims or parties in a legal action; also : an impermissible joinder of criminal charges or defendants. (Emphasis mine) The DA rat pack knew exactly what they were doing when they dredged up this charge which had nothing to do with the case. The DA rat pack is scratching, digging and grasping at any straw they can to try to get people held to answer. It appears that when the DA uses lowlife dirtbags as their All-Star witnesses, they take on the same persona as the trash they deal with. It’s called the Stockholm Syndrome.

Definition of Stockholm Syndrome: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. In this case, instead of a hostage, it is the constant close association of scuzball dirt bag prevaricating witnesses that the prosecution takes on the persona of. Just saying…

In case some of you started reading this in the middle, I feel it necessary to again host my disclaimer lest you think I am anti law and order which I am not:

“As a disclaimer for this commentary, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate, ethical and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city where dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The three keywords in my commentary are “legitimate”, “ethical” and “unbiased”. This description covers 98% of our law enforcement personnel in the United States”.


It seems as though we are at the end, but Marlisa Ferreira spouts out that she wants the judge to remand the defendants to custody. TJ.

Ferreira says “Judge, I’d like to address the custodial status of defendants Baljit and Daljit –

Judge says: Ms. Ferreira, my releasing the defendants who have been charged with homicide and special circ., if you look at the law, that’s not allowed. And releasing them on their OR –the action I took was to save this case — and it’s in the record — from a dismissal by a reviewing court because of your office’s failure to supply discovery, because I knew you were going to be asking me this. I am not going to set bail on them, but you can make your record.

Ferreira now ranting and saying judge by virtue of the fact that the Court has issued holding orders now on murder, it’s our position that, in fact, the defendants should be remanded and that the Court should post bail on the charges as they’re set.

The judge retorts I set bail; I don’t post it.

Ferreira says set bail. Excuse me. COME ON FERRIERA “TAP OUT”!!!!

So now we have this champion caliber DA who is confused about who sets bail and who posts bail. Could it be that Ferreira may be looking ahead and considering how much her bail will be and who will post it. Just saying…

So the judge then refuses to remand the defendants and require them to post bail stating that they are already on OR and know all the parameters of being on OR. We need a new supply of crying towels for the Dist. Atty. side of the courtroom.

Now, Ferreira begins sniveling again stating we would ask, then, at this time that the continued release on OR, given the Court’s holding order, that the Court impose GPS trackers on the remaining defendants who are held on murder due to the fact that, when you released them on their OR, you made a specific order, and that was that they would not communicate or contact each other.

The judge responds I am not going to have them have GPS. COME ON FERRIERA “TAP OUT”!!!!

The judge’s parting words to Ferrera, which should dishearten the Ferrera fan base were “You know, Ms. Ferreira, there are so many problems in this case. You have lots of problems in this case”. COME ON FERRIERA “TAP OUT”!!!!

Court reconvenes on April 24, 2017 at 9:30 AM for the arraignments of the defendants held to answer. DA fladager can cut to the chase and just dismiss the charges on all of the defendants on April 24th. But she will hold out to the bitter end like General George Custer which also proved futile. 0h, by the way, did you know that Custer wore Arrow shirts!

Well now that the Carson case is on hold until next Monday, I noticed an interesting article in the Bee on April 14, 2017. It read: “District Attorney Birgit Fladager will have competition in 2018 election”. YA THINK? This latest declared candidate is just the first one. How many more will declare is anybody’s guess.

This young attorney compared to fladager, Patrick Kolasinski looks like a clean-cut young attorney. There is no question that any attorney, including Algonquin J Calhoun would make a far superior DA then fladager. Remember old Algonquin?

I am going to take a few quotes out of the Bee article and designate them with italics and underlining so that I have not accused of plagiarizing the Bee.

“I have been watching the management side fall apart and watching prosecutors resign in frustration,” Kolasinski said Thursday.

Truer words were never spoken Patrick!!!!!!! fladager can be compared to Humpty Dumpty and his fall. And no kings horses or no kings men will ever put her back together again either. She has been sitting in that penthouse at the top of the DA’s office for far too long. Well we all know that she has never been sitting in Department 26 during the Carson 8 preliminary hearing. Lack of intestinal fortitude or as we commoners call it “Guts”. But we already knew that.

Fladager, who’s had a contentious third term as district attorney, said she will “absolutely” ask Stanislaus County voters for a fourth term next year.

Really birgit, really????????????????? You have to be bullpooping us. When is the last time you ever read something positive about you in the Bee and I have certainly never seen any positive comments about you in the comments section of the Bee. There is dumb and dumber which usually refers to two people. But in this case they both refer to one person. YOU!!!! Maybe you will come to your nonsenses and decide not to run. Maybe a better term would be 15 to 20 if you get my drift! COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!

“I very much enjoy the job,” Fladager said. “We have a great office. We have been able to make tremendous strides in bringing the office into the modern age.”

  • Stand far enough back people, the bullpoop is flying. Don’t get it on you because the stink stays there. She very much enjoys the job. It is such a pleasant change from her prior job of tearing the wings off of butterflies. Don’t know if she could decide which job she enjoys the most. Her most recent job has been to try to prosecute innocent people that attorney Frank Carson defended in which the juries either acquitted the defendants or there was a hung jury. Then her job became spewing hatred and vindictiveness against a defense attorney she cannot beat in court. COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!
  • We have a great office. Really, birgit, really???????????? Well when delusional people keep saying the same things over and over to themselves, kind of like insanity, they begin to believe it. If a great office is where the employees are afraid for their jobs if they happen to disagree with the boss on something, the office is only great for the boss. COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!
  • Brought the office into the modern age? Really, birgit, really???????????? The only thing modern about the office is your sixth floor private penthouse. From there you can look down on the masses as if you were a drone. Delusional, delusional, delusional!! COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!

“There is no accounting of the staff time spent on court cases and the total cost of cases”, Kolasinski said. The challenger proposes to track the time of district attorney employees, including investigators and prosecutors, at least to provide cost accounting for certain types of prosecutions.

Patrick, Patrick! We have been trying for over a year and a half to make the District Attorney’s Office account for and show all of the expenditures into how much money has been wasted in the Carson 8 prosecution and several others such as AJ Pontillo’s case and Mayor Carmen Sabatino’s case. The District Attorney’s Office refuses to provide the information and says there is no way that they can actually give a breakdown of all of the expenses of these prosecutions. Obviously another ton of FLADAGER’S BULLPOOP!

An administrator who is honest, forthright and not afraid of the answers of such an investigation would have no problem having an audit done. That type of administrator is not present in the District Attorney’s Office. Another reason to give birgit and many of her minions of swift boot in the derriere and send them on their way somewhere else. Possibly in a sheep shearing factory where they can pull the wool over somebody else’s eyes. COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!

According to his website, better accounting would offer a clearer picture of how to allocate the office’s limited resources to protect the community.

Patrick, Patrick! Truer words were never spoken. Under fladager’s tenure, accountability is like a four letter word. Not allowed to be spoken in the office and employees are not allowed to even have that thought in their head with this administration. Only problem with sticking your head in the sand is that another part of your anatomy is showing. That ain’t pleasant.


In December, the judge in the Korey Kauffman murder case lambasted the DA’s office for serious shortcomings in sharing evidence in the discovery process, creating an opening for anyone who runs against Fladager next year. Judge Barbara Zuniga said she had never seen a district attorney’s office make so many mistakes in discovery.

The judge has never seen a District Attorney’s Office make so many mistakes in discovery. Well Your Honor, you have never presided over any other cases in Stanislaus County or you would know that refusing to provide discovery in a timely manner is a favorite attribute of fladager’s way of doing business. There have been many. Here is just the latest one:

April 12, 2017 – Mesiti, 49, has been in jail since June 2011 and chose to act as his own attorney in October 2015. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Mesiti.

On Tuesday afternoon, the judge was forced to delay the trial again because a prosecution investigator discovered photos collected as evidence that had not been provided to the defense. The prosecution handed over those photos to the defense last month.

Reeves wanted to give the defense time to review those photos and conduct any needed further investigation, so she decided to reschedule the April 10 trial. Now, the trial is scheduled to begin July 10 with jury selection.

Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/news/local/crime/article144225714.html#storylink=cpy

So now Judge Zuniga get this! Mesiti, 49, has been in jail since June 2011 and now almost 7 years later, Mr. Mesiti is getting some more discovery from the District Attorney’s Office. Would anyone care to bet whether or not Capt. Crunch Bunch has his fingerprints on this case? Your Honor, this is just business as usual in fladager’s house. So if you are going to try any more criminal cases here in Stanislaus County, GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON FLADAGER “TAP OUT”!!!!

Kolasinski said “it’s unacceptable the office lacks a system for tracking the volumes of evidence gathered in criminal investigations”.

Patrick, Patrick! You catch on fast and I think that says it all!

Fladager disagreed, saying, “He does not know much about our office.” She said the DA’s office has been converting to a paperless system and has been providing discovery to defense attorneys electronically.

Disagreed? Really birgit, really????????????????? Who woulda thunk that you would ever disagree with someone pointing out egregious flaws in the way you administer your office. Providing discovery electronically? Really birgit, really????????????????? Well maybe you better make sure that your server is working properly. Maybe the photos that had not been provided to Mr.Mesiti for almost 7 years were in an investigators garage or sitting along with the missing game camera from the Frank Carson case. Accountability at the DA’s office, fa gedda bout it.

The district attorney was challenged by Frank Carson, a leading defense attorney who’s a defendant in the Kauffman case, in a bitterly contested campaign in 2014. Carson assailed the incumbent for approving what he claimed were excessive wiretaps for criminal investigations.

Ah yes. Wiretaps! The favorite toy of fladager and some and only some, of her radically overzealous get anybody that disagrees with us concrete cowboys. And we know who you cowboys are. When fladager’s excessive and vindictive use of wiretaps was exposed, I don’t remember the full numbers, but I believe fladager and her cowboys had something like fourteen wiretaps and other very large real District Attorney’s Offices had three or four. Again I don’t remember the exact numbers but they are out there. Did someone mention Gestapo or KGB around here?

Fladager oversees an office with an $18.7 million budget last year and 120 employees. She acknowledged there has been turnover among prosecutors but said that is common for district attorney offices.

An $18.7 million budget. Really birgit, really????????????????? And how many millions of dollars in last year’s budget and years before that were urinated away with malicious prosecutions which resulted in acquittals or hung juries. Mostly acquittals! But when you are tucked away in your sixth floor penthouse you are far removed from the huddled masses with our pitchforks and torches. But remember, even the Frankenstein monster was eventually destroyed.

Turnover is common for District Attorney’s Offices. Really birgit, really????????????????? If you were to compare the per capita turnover rates in other District Attorney’s Offices, I’m sure that they Stanislaus County district attorney’s office would take the cake. However with birgit’s Marie Antoinette attitude, “Let them eat cake”, it is just business as usual.

“We have been through a tremendous economic hardship as a result of the downturn and county fiscal impacts,” Fladager said. “We have lost folks to larger counties because they pay more.”

Sorry fladager but excuses are like armpits. We all have at least two when they all stink. You forgot to use as an excuse that many leave your office because of your Stalinistic method of keeping your employees in line. It’s my way or the highway fladager. We don’t need experienced deputy district attorneys in Stanislaus County, just bring them in directly out of law school and indoctrinate them. We can stamp them out like gingerbread cookies.

“I am looking forward to running for a fourth term,” Fladager said. “I will address any issues as they arise and look forward to being elected for a fourth term and serving the citizens of this county.”

What a crock birgit!!!! It’s time to call out the poop police. As was stated before a term of 10 to 20 would be real nice.

I will address any issues as they arise. Really birgit, really????????????????? You have failed miserably to address current issues that are glaringly real. Why would anyone believe that you would all of a sudden hold yourself accountable?

A person cannot change who they are (their character), no matter how hard they try. This idiom comes from the Old Testament.

Jeremiah 13: 23 Can the Ethiopian change the color of his skin? or a leopard take away his spots? Nor can you who are so used to doing evil now start being good.

24 Because you have put me out of your mind and put your trust in false gods, I will scatter you as chaff is scattered by the fierce winds off the desert.

25 This then is your allotment, that which is due you, which I have measured out especially for you.

26 I myself will expose you to utter shame.




  1. Actually, from a liability standpoint, dismissing the charges at this point makes sense. The prosecution has established PC against 4 of the defendants, at least on the remaining causes of action. Thus, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for the defendants to sue successfully on these causes of action, especially if the case is dismissed now. By taking this to trial the DA will be opening the door to new evidence not produced at the prelim that may show there was no probable cause. Also, on georgia, Christina and the other dismissed causes of action there is nothing the DA can do at this point about it. Going to trial against the remaining defendants on the remaining causes of action won’t change the judge’s finding. The judge found there is no probable cause, meaning the DA and investigators are liable imo for malicious prosecution and violation of civil rights (if malice can be proved-which should be easy). It is noteworthy that malicious prosecution is a California State cause of action, not federal like violation of civil rights. This means that the California 6 month statute to file a claim with the county may apply. It is unclear when Walter Wells murder charge was effectively dismissed, so he may be getting close to the 6 month cuttoff. Someone should research the law on this.
    I think the DA will be taken back by how willingly and happily the underwriter and/or county will want to sign a big settlement check. The DA is practically coerced to agree to a settlement because if the case goes to trial and the DA is found liable, the DA can be disbarred. Imo the attorney for the county would practically be committing malpractice by not strongly recommending settlement.
    Ahh, the right to redress grievances.

  2. Modestos DA has to go! she has spent millions of Modesto tax payers money ruining innocent people! she has to be insane and she will pay if Modesto citizens are smart. I saw her on Dateline last nite commenting on the Lacy Perterson case which she was one of the DA lawyers. Modestos finest people are in deep shit if she doesn’t like you. Carson, Sabitino, ect. Go to Modesto for vacation, leave Modesto on Probation! the new Modesto Montra, Drought,Poverty,Injustus, Mental Illness!!

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