Judge Barbara Zuniga

Just a quick note to clarify some information that was in Tom’s report yesterday, Judge Zuniga is only going to develop the initial questionnaire for the juror panel that is going to be called. Judge Zuniga is not going to do the Vior dire of the jurors. The attorneys will take the answers given by the jurors, then do their own questioning and Vior dire the potential jurors to try to get a fair and impartial panel. Legally I’m not sure the judge can do Vior dire for the attorneys.

I have received several comments and messages from people showing concern about this and I just wanted to give some clarity.

Judge Robert Moody

In addition, judge Robert Moody, of Monterey County, is the judge is going to hear the 995 which is an appeals motion. According to my Google search, judge Moody has a reputation for being a prosecutor’s judge, and in one article I saw he made a statement that defendants do not have a presumption of innocence in this country. Just for info.

Feel free to inquire or add more information.

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  1. I live in Monterey and have witnessed Judge Moody in action. He’s a real asshole and drunk with power and in no way will lean towards justice so forget any positive outcome with him. The defense should recuse him simply that his is a real piece of work and will stretch anything to make sure the prosecution wins! This news makes me ill, besides the current judges statement of saving the prosecutions case should concern the defense and get rid of her also! Defense, I’m afraid is going to lose with this line-up.

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