I walked up to a lady at the grocery store yesterday

looking at the live lobsters and said

“Let’s help them escape”.

The look on her face was priceless.



  1. You know Clint, I’m overwhelmed with anger in reference to this Robert Woody sentencing. They should put this guy away for his entire worthless life and this sentence is a direct reference to the DA giving him a deal for his lying testimony. Modesto was my hometown and have 30 years of great memories of a much better time when City government and the courts were honest as far as I could evaluate as a citizen. Modesto better wake up! With 32% of the people living there in poverty, the caseload is off the charts along with the Hispanic problem. I moved from that shithole 15 years ago but 2 of my family remain but planning to seek a new home after witnessing this behavior, referencing Carson, Sabitino, ect… Thanks for your time in this matter, I’ll be visiting the trial soon and really appreciate your dillegence in this matter and being the kind of man that is missing in today’s law enforcement and thank you for your service..

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