by Marty Carlson


Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

In inmate out of Los Angeles County, who had been sentenced to 16 years for assault with a deadly weapon was discovered dead in his cell and apparently had been deceased for at least two days.

James Acuna, 58, had been pronounced dead at 11:43 AM last Monday at Richard J. Donovan correctional facility, according to the press secretary for the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation.

The Department of Corrections will make no further comment at this time as the death and circumstances surrounding it are pending results of an autopsy report.

According to multiple news reports from the area, Acuna may have been dead for two or three days before his body was discovered.

Donovan, the only state prison in San Diego County, houses approximately 3,700 male inmates in the facility is less than 2 miles from the United States – Mexico border. The facility is designed a house 2992 inmates, though it has a current occupancy rate of 124%.

No further information regarding the situation is available at this time.

I am no bleeding heart when it comes to criminals on the other hand if somebody’s laying there for two days after they’ve deceased, there’s a serious problem there.

Somebody didn’t do their damn job.

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