Man forced to give up ‘offensive’

‘Star Trek’ license plate

by Marty Carlson

A Manitoba, Canada resident was forced to hand over a personalize license plate that read”ASIMIL8,” which is a reference to the Borg from Star Trek. In addition, his license plate frame stated “we are the Borg” and “resistance is futile.”

Nick Troller said that he received a call from someone at the Manitoba Public insurance office who told him that two, (huh 2?) people had called and complained about his license plate was “offensive” to minorities. He also stated he received a letter telling him to immediately surrender the license plate.

Troller was quoted as saying “we have become too sensitive and you can’t say anything to anybody anymore.”

Ry Moran of the Canadian national Center for truth and reconciliation stated that indigenous people have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways, words like that mean or not have an actual impact on many people.

The MPI’s decision is not appealable so apparently, resistance is futile for Mr. Troller.

I guess all the snowflakes I wanted to move from United States to Canada had an effect, even though they never actually moved like the threat, which by the way is to my great disappointment.