Defendant’s Memorandum
Regarding Discovery
Request for Sanctions

Filed on 1-26-2017


Just for information here is a copy of the motion filed by Percy Martinez on behalf of Frank Carson in regard to the late discovery which led to the release from custody of the defendants. Included in this PDF file is a motion that includes interviews of Robert Woody by Kirk Bunch and John Evers.

Defense attorneys are claiming that investigators were immediately offering Robert Woody a deal to name other people involved in this case and shows a favorable treatment that he was receiving right from the start. In addition, this is an interview that was not turned over in a timely manner in fact it was not turned over until all parties had rested their case in the preliminary hearing.

Read the motion in all parts included and decide for yourself, it is a bit of an interesting read.




By Marty Carlson


Don Catchen, owner of Hillsdale Chapel crematory in Cincinnati Ohio, said that a “freak accident” started an unscheduled fire at the facility.

His operator was in the process cremating a body that was extremely obese, and he got a little hotter than it was supposed to. One of the containers used for the cremation caught on fire due to the extreme heat.

Cincinnati fire chief, Michael Washington, said the fire started with a business as usual cremation, when the fat in the body burned at a higher temperature than usual. The two hot flames spread to a near-by container and parts of the surrounding room.

In addition, there were some combustible storage boxes that were too close to the ovens.

It took the responders about two hours to douse the flames that appears the structure is intact and there was no serious damage.

The owner stated the container that was being used was the only thing that was burnt, in addition crematoriums are highly fireproof so no other parts of the building was damaged.

In October 2014, a Virginia facility caught fire while cremating a 500-pound body. Investigators said there was an excessive heat that ignited rubber roofing near the smokestack, and another fired two years earlier in Austria, left firefighters covered with a layer of sooty grease.

The danger of fires when cremating obese bodies is an entirely unknown issue for the funeral service profession, when a morbidly obese person is cremated, there’s a danger of what can only be called, (in layman’s terms), a grease fire according to a license professional who runs a blog on the funeral home industry.

Anybody know someone that could be a candidate for this to happen? I certainly do, but I dare somebody to name names.


U.S., New York officials

declare war on deadly

MS-13 street gang

by Marty Carlson



Last September Suffolk County police, in New York, found Nisa Mickens murdered on the eve of her 16th birthday. The next day, the body of her best friend, Kayla Cuevas, was found nearby. Like Mickens, she had been beaten and slashed to death with a machete.

Investigators say the girls died at the hands of MS – 13, a gang blamed for killing 17 people in the county since the start of 2016.

MS 13 is a particularly dangerous group that engages in violence for sport according to the police Commissioner.


MS 13 originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s and law enforcement have arrested more than 7,000 members in the past decade. They have moved around the world and he got a strong foothold in South America recruiting kids at the age of 10.  And now police report MS 13 is making another big push, by recruiting vulnerable children who cross the border unaccompanied and looking for a sense of family.

The Justice Department says there are now more than 10,000 MS-13 members and at least 40 states.

The Suffolk County gang unit is arrested more than 150 MS – 13 members in the past year, including those accused in the above listed homicides.

Image result for WHO IS MS-13

In South America, MS-13 are violent street terrorists whose crimes range from theft, to rape, and homicide.

They are extremely violent and have an absolute resolve to kill for the slightest reasons.

This is one of the biggest reasons we need to close our southern borders, as it is not to keep the Mexican labor force out but to keep these types of violent people out.

Sometimes you build a wall because you want to protect the people you love inside that wall and not for any other reason. The best example that I can give of that is the Vatican that has large walls surrounding it, to protect the people inside not because they are prejudiced about the people on the outside.