by Marty Carlson



Recently it was revealed that one of the witnesses in the Frank Carson case had recently passed away. That person’s name was Robert Jaquish.

Anybody that may remember from the Ramey warrant and his prop 115 testimony, Robert Jaquish told investigators that he had been caught on Frank Carson’s property when he went there to commit a theft or some type of burglary. Note: page 37 line 21 of Ramey warrant

Jaquish stated he knew there were items being stored on the property and people had been stealing them for recyclables. He went to the property to look for something to steal. He went to a building that has become known as the “chicken coop.” And it is full of antiques and old cars.

He stated the door was closed and locked behind him after he made entry. And there were three males outside of the chicken coop. One of them saying into a phone that they had him trapped and to keep the door locked. He said there was an older white male that came in to the building and he was carrying a rifle.

He escaped out the back of the building by using a prybar by taking part of the wall out, and he then ran to the street and waited for the police to arrive but they never did. When he did return to retrieve his bike, somebody had jumped out of the bushes and grabbed the handle bars and was talking on a cell phone calling somebody to come over. He said it was one of the same males outside the chicken coop where he is trapped inside but not the same one who went inside.

He took off and was able to get away, and there was an older white male driving an older blue van down Lander Avenue apparently looking for him. He said the male that grabbed his bicycle had a bulge at his waistband and that Jaquish thinks it was a firearm. He then identified a photo of Frank Carson is a person that had grabbed his bicycle.

This alleged incident was a major part of the Ramey warrant used against the defendants. In addition, later on in the Ramey warrant that incident was used against Frank Carson saying he had a propensity for carrying firearms, and they referenced that incident to establish that even though no firearm was actually ever seen by Jaquish.

And now a twist on this witness he passed away on December 25, 2016 in Carlin, Nevada. According to his sister’s Facebook page it was from congestive heart failure, which sounded like it was a long-term problem.

As this case drags on and is slow dispensing justice, these types of problems are going to continue to crop up for the District Attorney’s Office, as most of their witnesses are criminals and long-term drug users and their activities will continue to make this a possibility in the future. I personally do not know how this is affected their case, if at all.

Also noted that he was an admitted burglar as he had entered a building with the intent to commit a crime, in addition he was carrying burglar tools, or at least a prybar that he used for his escape. Never at any time did anybody investigate the thefts or burglaries occurring on the Carson property, and is become more well-known that there was an ongoing problem and felonies had been committed that no one investigated those crimes.

Another one of those situations was a kidnapping and beating of Danny Cisco, he was grabbed off the street and was beaten so bad that he lost an eye. And again, there was no investigation done in regard to those multiple felonies that occurred in that situation alone. That testimony was given by officer Evers from the Modesto Police Department who was part of the task force involved in this case.

Sadly, I think this leads to a situation where there is a young man who is dead, Korey Kauffman, no one knows what he died of and if he died at the hands of another this investigation has been such an agenda they will never able to prosecute anybody for this crime because of the activities that they’ve engaged in it these court hearings, and the investigations prior.