By Marty Carlson


Recently somebody had sent me a story about a young man named Alexi Santana. His life story the Princeton University admissions committee had found to be extraordinary.

Santana was in the freshman class of Princeton University in 1989. He had no formal schooling previously, he had spent his childhood on the streets in Utah. Working odd jobs as herding cattle, raising sheep, and he read a lot philosophy. He also was an active runner, and being out on the Mohave Desert he had trained himself to be a distance runner.

Popular on campus, got good grades in every class he took. A bit bashful and with his background gave him enigmatic appeal. Apparently, he never slept on the bed the dorm but on the floor.

As kids we all learned a lie seems a natural thing to do, and many psychologists and experts agree that children become more sophisticated liars as they age.

Santana’s story of background was all a lie. About a year and ½ after he started the college, a woman recognized him as somebody she knew as Jay Huntsman from a high school in Palo Alto, California almost a decade earlier. But apparently Jay Huntsman was not his real name either. Princeton officials eventually learned he was actually James Hogue, a 31-year-old who had served prison time for possession of stolen tools and bike parts. He was arrested at Princeton eventually.

Since that time Hogue is been arrested several times on theft charges. He was caught stealing in Aspen Colorado, as he tried to pass himself off as someone else.

People in this world are very crafty and adept at lying like Hogue is summer criminals to spend lies and we’ve deception to gain undeserved considerations. some are high-priced people who dupe investors out of billions of dollars. Some politicians lie to stay in favor to get votes, as we have recently seen.

The question is do you lie more or less than the average person?

Sometimes people lie to inflate their egos which could be a motivation of just about all politicians and may explain many of Donald Trump’s tweets. People lie to cover up behaviors, many professional athletes have been known to do that. It’s even happen in the science world with some people trying to make a name for themselves undeservedly.

Liars earned notoriety, sometimes because of how bold they are in their claims, which at times can cause more damage to many other people involved. Human behavior it seems has been telling all kinds of lies for many years.

We as a people, seem to lie with ease, whether it starts as a white lie or an outright major lie. We seem to want to lie to the closest to us and to many who may be casual acquaintances in our lives. We seem to be very adept at it. And people’s basic need to trust others many times make us incapable of detecting the lies.

Some people have told so many tall tales they can win awards and trophies at competitions. Those competitions also seem to be very popular.

It seems the ability to maneuver or manipulate others with words is as old as the emergence of the spoken word. It seems as a way to gain power and advantage over others.

Many professionals have looked for answers through research, to the root of the behaviors. How is the lie learned, or is it learned behavior, what is the mental health aspects of dishonesty, and where do most of us draw the line? And apparently, we as a people are too willing to believe many lies even when there is clear and convincing evidence of the opposite. It seems that it’s our natural faith in human nature. In the onset of social media has penetrated those beliefs and faiths even deeper. Many experts feel we are unable anymore to separate the facts from the lies and society is facing a real threat.

Some people feel that the truth comes naturally, and lying takes an effort and a sharp flexible mind. Some feel it’s part of growing up. Children at very young ages lie the most when they want to test their parents. There are many statistics on how many lies the average tells a day, and it seems to be numerous. Sometimes we do it to be kind, sometimes not.

There are many volumes of research on the subject, and the short Google search came up with some interesting information that I’m not going to put out now but would he be interesting for someone that wanted to look it up.

So, what is the best way to fine-tune your bullshit alarm? That would be a personal decision made on each individual’s part and my only statement to that is follow your instincts, and don’t be willing to accept anything anybody says in its entirety as you must use what I call a filter process and work through it. There is always a basic amount of truth there you should decide how much or little there is. Technology has opened up entirely new areas for bad guys and smooth talkers and it leads us to do we tell the truth and how much do we actually trust ourselves.


Figure that one out, a truth or lie and why………


  1. So I’ve read quite a bit but I’m wondering what’s your thoughts about Karissa Alline Schell missing from Turlock? There hasn’t been much said lately just curious you must come across a gazillion cases.

    • I remember when that happened but know very little about it. And I cannot take the local newspaper seriously as they are real deficient in their articles. I will research some. It is funny the DA’s office has put 1/2 of their yearly budget into the Carson case but will not make the commitment towards these other just as deserving cases.
      I do get people requesting information constantly and like the Oakdale gentleman put up information about such things. If anyone wanted me to post some information I will be more than happy to.

  2. Truth, Lie Honesty, Dishonesty Fact, Fiction Real, Not Real There, not There. Its nice to see an article like this in these times. Well Dawgonnit I have to say that I have noticed in the past 8 or 9 years that the sensitivity to being lied to has numbed up quite a bit. People aren’t truthful anymore. The last president that we had for 8 long years did nothing but lie to the American people and I know that many of the over three hundred million people in the country didn’t like the idea of their so called president lying like he did. Lies are weapons and attacks against the truth. A lie doesn’t need to totally devastate its intended victim right off the bat. Ignorance and passiveness lets it right on in even if there are no proper credentials. Soon the truth that you know is truth is becoming a half truth. And a half truth is a whole lie. Biblical speaking, God represents truth. And the devil represents lies. As a matter of fact he is seen as the father of all lies and the author of confusion. Even in the Garden of Eden. And when man was as perfect as he could be according to the will of God, there was still temptation. And if there was temptation, there must have been self will. And the fall of man came from a casual confrontation with who is known as the father of all lies. And through out history all the way up to right now, the more ignorant that we get towards the importance of truth, the weaker our sense of direction and common sense has become. Soon we begin to live a lie. There is an essence missing from the air of society that used to demand truth and nothing more than that. Especially in business and health and finances, food etc etc. Now its missing everywhere. Life has become the “National Enquirer”. With social media and the liberal press, a lie can go around the Earth 3 or 4 times or more before the truth can be found out. And that is only if the press will print it. Thanks for bringing this up Marty. I guess how I see it is if I can’t see honesty in how they do business, they don’t get my business. If they can’t print the truth, I don’t want to read what they are printing. (The Washington Post is being very insistent that I purchase a subscription from them). Why would I even want to bother? Why do I want to read lies? Have we become a nation who knows what the lie is but chooses to believe it anyway because its popular and or politically correct? Throughout time there has been an opposition. And it is bigger than truth and lie. The opposition is amount of sensitivity to the importance of truth against lie in our lives. My father always told me to be a man of my word. Not to be popular but because thats the way you should be. No more, no less. And when you are old enough to be able to hear those words and keep them within you, you should already know why….. I am not going to apologize for mentioning God or to be politically correct. But I will apologize if you just don’t see things my way in sincerity and have somehow become offended. But if you are, I have an important question for you. Are you really offended? Do you know what it is or means to be offended? And are you only offended by the words that I used or the subject. One of the more important categories to mention is the Justice system and how half truths are created to add much needed significance to charges against someone. Now they are trying to redefine the truth in the constitution again. I stand for truth. Its the best thing to stand for. It makes a good legacy. And usually the truthful thing to do is already in your mind. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

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