by Marty Carlson


Andraya Yearwood, the freshman and the biological male from Cromwell high school in Connecticut was accepted on the girls track team because he identifies as a female.

Andraya has made no medical efforts to make the transition to female. Needless to say, she has been very successful in her track events against women.

According to the Hartford Courant per times in the 100 in the 200 are very fast. A year ago, her 11.99 in the 100 would have one to class them title and put her second at the state open. They expect her to get faster.

Yearwood eventually plans to take puberty and hormone treatments.

Track coach Brian Calhoun seems pleased to have a superior athlete and was quoted as saying she’s been a member of the team running hard day in and day out. Is going to be a positive thing for the whole team.

Apparently, no one’s concerned about the tiny details the fact that she is naturally bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone reaching against her.

It was also noted in a separate article that Yearwood’s times in those races would’ve put him dead last in the boy’s competition.

Yearwood finished the girls 100 m dash with a time of 12.66 seconds and the girls 200 m dash in 26.08 seconds.

The last place finisher for the boys 100 m and 200 m dashes finish the races in 11.73 seconds and 25.59 seconds respectively.

Yearwood was quoted as saying he’s really happy to win both titles, he did expect it. And he’s really proud of his accomplishments.

As of April, of this year, Yearwood had yet to have a sexual reassignment surgery or take hormone and puberty blockers.

I guess it’s okay the other participants will always get a participation trophy.

And just for information Yearwood in any pictures that can be seen is the one sporting the mustache.