By Marty Carlson


Apple’s changes mobile device operating system iOS 11 voices the revealed at its annual worldwide development conference on Monday.

Apple says they have given Siri a voice is more natural and expressive, in addition, a male voice has been added. Some analysts have stated that they like I’ll Apple is using the idea of a more natural product, and needs stated that conversational interfaces seem to be the most natural way to interact with machines. They’ve also stated that Apple’s competitors seem to agree given the efforts that they have put into the same type of ideas.

In addition, there is translation capabilities through Siri. For example, if you are traveling, you can tell Siri to ask a restaurant in their native language but their dishes are. Currently the language supported by Siri are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

They also claim that Siri’s intelligence factor has been enhanced. They are saying it not only understands your voice but it also understands the meaning based on the structure of your sentence. And it has a learning capability for your mannerisms and habits.

The Apple pay mobile payment function is also been expanded, it will be able to make payments to particular people through the imessage Application. In addition, it has expanded its use of NFC technology, where iOS 11 will read tags, which can convey details of a product to a device to provide authentication.

Apple says its new operating system will make it easier for developers to create applications that interact with the camera and motion sensors in the devices, this can be used to augment reality programs.

Apple’s messages app will be integrated with iCloud, which makes available all conversations to be synchronized across all devices used by a user. It also saves space on the devices because most messages will be stored in the cloud.

In addition, there is been some changes made specifically for the iPad software to make them more user-friendly and quicker access which includes an apple pencil that is more deeply integrated into the iPad with the new system. And note taking can be accessed from the lock screen with the top of the pencil.

In addition, Apple has supported two new media formats that offer good quality and smaller file sizes. They also have improved applications to identify photos in more ways by anniversaries, for example, or special events.