By Marty Carlson


In California, there are 11 counties that do not have one dentist able to treat Medi-Cal patients.

Doctors are paid 71% less when they treat Denti-Cal patients, compared to patients with private insurance.

In the next year, $1.7 billion will be collected by the tobacco tax, prop 56, that voters overwhelmingly approved in November. But what California will actually do with that money is still unclear.

When Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget came out, there was no money for increasing Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal reimbursements. Instead the governor’s budget was using the cash to enroll more people in state healthcare, not increase with the doctors get for treating those people.

At this point, there seemed to be a bit of a turnaround in that budget, were $546 million of that $1.7 billion will go to reimbursements to Medi-Cal. That will also be renegotiated each year.

So where exactly is the rest of that one $1.2 billion going to be used?

One dentist was quoted as saying the administration is definitely disagreeing with the plain language studying prop56.


This is another case, of people just handing more money to the state to do as they please with no accountability, and it’s endorsed by the idiot voters in California. Many people believe that California, or any government agency for that matter, can act responsibly with what is seemingly an endless supply of cash supplied by its working-class.

We have a long history of paying excessive taxes for infrastructure, like road repairs, in the money is constantly diverted to the general fund for other purposes. Then they turn around and stick their hand out and demand more. When are people going to realize it is never enough? And when are they going to want to stop this gouging?

Remember once they’ve maxed out their ability to get so-called sin taxes, alcohol/tobacco, they will go after other things even more because it’s never enough and they have an insatiable appetite for more money constantly.

When this is all done there is very little accountability to what is actually done with that money, and if it’s actually used for the Purposes Intended, Like previous road taxes.