1. There are consequences for our actions no matter who started it. There was no reasoning with that kid. And if he was going to tell his mother to shut up like that, he should not have been allowed to communicate at all like that. Perhaps his father may have had a part in this too. But I tell you what, you don’t hit your mother. And you don’t talk to your mother that way. There is a whole lot of anger in this kid that should not have been allowed to come out that way. And as soon as it did, it should have been dealt with. Because they were no longer in reality as reality should be. And that is not according to the old school or the new school. That is according to the only school. I see a kid that very well may kill his mother. As soon as he slapped her, it all should have been stopped. The fact that they let it go for sake of filming it, removed priority from its proper place in reality as far as what is expected in a civilized society and most of all, what is expected from you. Not just between you and your dysfunctional family relationship. But what is expected from you as a person living in a civilized society no matter how your home life is. There are consequences to be paid for striking anyone let alone your own mother. There is a reckoning to face even if you think that they have it coming. Because you are now out of control and the safety of others around you must now be considered as soon as you raise your hand or even yell shut up. He said that he had marks but they all disappeared so you never know if he was just making it all up. To communicate like that only seems to lead to violence. I don’t care if he is sick in the head or not. Its been allowed to go too far. And the more dramatic and out of control he gets, the more control he has that should not be conveyed. That is not how you express yourself and expect to be listened to.

    • I agree 100% and if I were part of that filming I would have been raising hell to stop it. If it was real, and not for ratings sake.
      The lil shit needs his ass beat. everyone needs to learn respect at some level, it has to be in the back of your head that tells you to stop.

      • You are right. That little shit does need his ass beat. In fact I’ll bet that he has and then acts like he is the victim. I know one thing. Every time I got my ass beat, it was for a good reason. My mom only slapped me good once and it was from me pushing it and pushing it. Finally I started mouthing off just to see how far I could go. That was back in the sixties. Back when. anyone standing close and hearing me would have said “:slap him one for me”. Now you get the cops called on you. In the sixties and before that, you could count on a neighbor to give the kids a lecture if they saw you do something bad. That kid assaulted his mom. Dr. Phil should have said OK stop everything right now. We are going to deal with this and I don’t give a shit whether you like it or not. That little shit was in charge and never should have been allowed to take over the alpha spot. He was given carte blanche and will act up even worse now. And even if he gets slapped out of just defending ones self from him, he knows how to milk it. One thing for sure. He crossed the line and coddling won’t cut it no more. It only shows weakness and that is what he looks for. I would have told him “You just wore out your welcome bud” Now you are going to live where they don’t put up with that shit. Out into the real world where they throw your ass in jail for doing that. Its like “Guess what, its time you learned that you ain’t that special!”. “That special now has to be earned”. And if you won’t earn it like the rest of us, you will have to be taught it the hard way. Well you got me all worked up with this one. I need to stop writing and stop bugging you. I’ll end it with this. This is a little snowflake in the making. Doesn’t know what the hell hes talking about. Nothing but lies coming out of his mouth. Hes right and your wrong and if you won’t listen he will get violent and act like he is justified. Too bad that the woman didn’t look like Hillary. But this is where deplorable really works. Dawgonnit!

        • Let me tell you a war story. I am former Law Enforcement and I once went to a call of a single mother having trouble with a teenage son. As I was talking to her he came out of his room and saw me and got furious she called “the cops”. He was relentlessly berating her and calling her the “C” word among all the rest. In a reaction I back handed him knocking him to the floor. You should have seen the look on his face, I told him “don’t you ever talk to your mother like that while I am standing here.” He started crying and ran off.
          About that time I was having serious concerns for my future and my career, I told the mother If she had anymore problems call me back.
          The women was actually extremely grateful she gave some home baked cookies and could not say thank you enough. I still had concerns about being reported, I was in the wrong. My guess is there was no father presence and the boy was allowed to have free expression when younger, and this is what that always turns in to. Fortunately I never heard about it again.

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