By Marty Carlson


Politicians receive money from a variety,  and often surprising sources. lobbyists, big corporations and more dictate the issues politicians focus on in which stance they end up taking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who is the driving financial source behind politicians’ decisions? Like race car drivers maybe they should wear patches on their clothes to show where their money comes from.

Well now there is a way that maybe that can be done.

17-year-old Nick Rubin created a browser plug-in to help people to find out who’s funding our politicians. It will tell you how much they made and how much money influences the elections and other details, according to Ruben.

The plug-in called greenhouse will work with Safari, Firefox or Chrome and it can be downloaded at

Here is how it works:

Once installed, when a politician’s name comes up in an article text, the application will breakdown the top 10 monetary influences. The plug-in is free and simple to use.

According to Ruben “Greenhouse allows people to see the money story behind the news story”. In the name “Greenhouse” was created by combining three ideas: the color of money, the two houses of Congress, in the transparency of a greenhouse.

And interviews Ruben is said he wanted to put data at people’s fingertips, and for people to be able to make informed decisions regarding politics.

Originally it was used for the 2012 election and was later updated with the most current information, was one of the many sources of data is OPENSECRESTS.ORG . Which is the official website for the center of responsive politics, a nonpartisan nonprofit research group in Washington DC who tracks where money is used in politics and where it comes from. I bet the politicians love this one!


My personal opinion is that knowledge is power and to be able to make informed decisions in these situations will give us the voters an edge.


  1. Give Trey Gowdey this app and turn him loose. I wonder what would happen if you typed Clinton foundation. Would your computer blow up? If we could have a media that would print the truth and publish it to America, then the swamps would not only be drained but all of the crooked politicians would finally go to prison and stay out of our hair. All of these traitors that thought that Hillary was going to win are now crapping their pants and wondering when Trump will find out just what they were about to do to us and our country. It was all about the money and their future feathered nests. Along with allowing America to fall financially and have to join the globalization agenda that Hillary was going to lead us to. That is why Trump has been under constant attack from all sides with fake news and false accusations. Its gotten to the point to where it is under the category of disgusting with what they are trying to do and just won’t stop trying to keep Trump from doing what he was elected to do. They were all poised to start doing what ever they were going to do when Hillary won. They just couldn’t conceive the notion that Trump would win. And still can’t. So now Trump won and there are many loose ends everywhere. And these idiots are scrambling and grasping at anything to get Trump out of there before they are found out. I can see that there may even be assassination attempts. Notice that that shooter in Virginia only went after Republicans and the more powerful ones. The ones who support Trump. Coincidence? It won’t stop there. The democrats are getting desperate and assassination is welcome even if everyone knows that they are behind it. Just as long as nobody finds out who pulls the trigger. Yep they are panicking big time. And as they are all going after Trump with absolutely no evidence at all, none of them are even doing their job. Kind of makes you wonder what was in those emails of Hillary’s. We were all on the verge of a coupe de tant and still are. They aren’t even following what the federal government has placed into law. And they refuse to do anything about keeping our borders secure and our safety in top priority. They belong in jail.

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