By Marty Carlson


Jerry Brown and California lawmakers will receive a 3% pay hike starting in December, their fifth raise in as many years.

The California citizens compensation commission approved the raises. Gov. Brown’s pay will climb from $190,102 to hundred $195,805 a year, while rank-and-file lawmakers will go from $104,117-$107,240 a year.

Salaries for other statewide politicians like Lieut. Gov. Gavin Newsom, attorney general Xavier Becerra, and Treas. John Chiang will also cash in.

The justification is, as they put it, five years of economic and budget recovery. In 2009 California voters approved a measure that band raises during years of state budget deficits. Amazing how right after that was passed that they were able to show there were no deficits, even though they keep raising Taxes for lack of money.

The commissioners held off raising the salaries even more of the governor and his kids even though they claim their pay the seven significantly less than what many local government officials earn.

In addition, lawmakers also received tax-free per diem payouts for every day that the legislature is in session, which increases their pay by about $34,000 per legislator.


These poor guys just do not know where their next meal is coming from do they? Oops I guess they do in that daily per diem they get which is higher than what most people’s incomes are in the state.

It’s a good thing they got that road tax instituted or they wouldn’t have been able to get another pay increase.

I think we just figured out where some of that road tax monies going to go now.

What the FUCK are you going to do about this California.