FRANK CARSON et al…….6-20-2017






By Marty Carlson


Court was scheduled to start at 1330 hrs. in department #2 of the regular courthouse. As usual, and staying in character, the judge had notified staff that she was going to be about a half-hour late.

The judge finally arrived around 1415 hrs. and then called all attorneys into her chambers at 1435 hrs. where they stayed for about half an hour.

Finally, she took the bench around 1507 hrs. and first addressed to Walter Wells and continued his proceedings until August 29 or further arraignment on his trial charges.

She then addressed Scott McFarlane and Eddie Quentanar, and the judge advised that all parties had agreed to have their preliminary hearing began on August 29, 2017 at 10 AM.

She also noted that she is scheduling the preliminary hearing to be over by September 15, and the judge noted to Mme. DA that she is encouraging her to proposition 115 all the witnesses.

She also noted, talking to the DA, to have her witness is prepared for their testimonies when they come into court, especially the officers. She also noted she was talking about one officer in particular, who was constantly saying “I can’t remember let me look it up” she is apparently going to be very impatient with those type of comments.

As far as these defendants are concerned that July 25 court date has now been vacated.

She also discussed some pretrial motions that are on schedule with one of them being the sanctions motion on August 4 at 9:30.

There is also a second motion to disclose the identity of an informant and they’re unsure at this time when that will be set, the District Attorney’s Office has to make a decision and that matter, the judge also had Melissa Ferreira approach the bench and showed her a document, to help them to decide. The District Attorney’s Office will decide what they want to do within the next week.

Also noted was another motion that’s on calendar is what is called a 1385 motion which is a motion to dismiss. That is scheduled for August 18.

It also appears at this time all hearings will be done in department #2 of the regular courthouse as the bankruptcy court will no longer be used.

I will be contacting attorneys involved in this case to clarify all future dates for both aspects of the upcoming prelim and for the trial there several dates involved they are constantly changing I will attempt to put up a schedule.

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