by Marty Carlson


Okay it looks like the week from hell is just about over, I had a major move to do last Saturday, people were brought in to do that move promptly disassembled my home and then stated they did not have a truck available to move it. We waited six hours for a truck that never came so they decided they would come back Monday morning 7 AM sharp.

Come Monday morning 7 AM sharp no truck no crew, not answering their phones or returning messages. So here I am sitting here with the disassembled home and just the basic services for sewer and water. These idiots were hired to do a job that they were not capable of performing and did it the “Wright” way. Which, we come to find out, they seem to have a reputation for.

In a situation that I need to get the work done and get it moved, once again Micah Dizney stepped up and provided some facilitation in getting some help.

The next day a truck and crew from Aftan and D’s showed up and everything moved within an hour and then did set up on the new location, and in my opinion, did an excellent job. I was in a bad situation that could have taken advantage of but they did not and I appreciate what they did.

Anybody need any homes moved I suggest you call Aftan and D’s, and talk to Delbert. The crew was good, professional, and efficient a real good group of guys. And the guy driving the truck did an incredible job in a very tight situation.

And I know they have good taste because a couple of them are followers of Dawgs Blog.

Shout out to you guys appreciate what you did you bail me out!

If anybody wants to know who not to call in these situations please contact me and I will advise.



This is not a paid advertisement this is actually what happened to me this week. Feel free to contact me for their number.