By Marty Carlson


Just to update everyone about the Stanislaus County high profile court case page, all the filings that had been placed on that page in the Frank Carson case have been removed. Apparently due to some total incompetent people either posting these motions, or the people submitting this paperwork, or both, are not capable of understanding legal protections of people that are only accused in a crime but not convicted.

All personal information in regard to all these defendants was supposed to be redacted, as ordered by the judge, and basic common sense says it shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. I guess just another attempt to try to destroy these defendants before they are found to be responsible, it’s that little thing we call due process in this country. Some people do not feel that applies anymore.

This came about several weeks ago as I was reviewing some of the paperwork and updating myself on that page and noticed personal information had still remained on those documents. So apparently Judge Zuniga has ordered them to remove all documents as they are not able to comply with her orders or the law or use basic common sense.