Purveyor of injustice cowboy the juice state farm jake jacobson with a big moustache to mercifully cover up his face, leather chaps and boots to shed the BS he emanates (a sweet scent emanating from the blossoms) continually from his chops. In this he emanates the smell of the stuff real cowboys scrape off their boots after running a heard of bulls. Baby Huey Evers could not fit in the picture but is right there to the left of cowboy Jacobson ready to catch him when he falls. Fingerfelt is behind Juice and Piltdown Man brody is over juice’s right shoulder. Kirk Bunch is on the left with SUN on his shirt and fadager is on his left with MON on her shirt. The one with the gaping mouth saying “Oh crap. Frank Carson beat me in another one”!!! Where’s Marlissa??? Who knows. Objection, that’s speculation! :0)