Newly-released dashcam video from March appears to show Sgt. Zachary LaHood sickened by what his department says was carbon monoxide seeping into his Ford Explorer police cruiser.

“I almost hit the road twice and feel like I’m gonna get sick,” LaHood can be heard saying in the video.

“And I remember swerving to what I thought was a bus, I was going to go head-in to a bus or a, maybe it was a garbage truck, I think it was a bus,” he said in an interview.

In the last week alone, six more Austin officers have been treated for carbon monoxide exposure. The department has now taken about 37 Ford Explorers out of service.

“We believe it is something that we do need to take immediate action,” Assistant Police Chief Troy Gray said.

In February, CBS News identified more than 450 complaints involving 2011 to 2017 model year Ford Explorers, not just police units. Federal regulators acknowledge that number has grown and are investigating.

Ford has known about it since at least 2012. A company representative later acknowledged in a deposition that it appears to be a “design issue” that may allow exhaust, which contains carbon monoxide, to seep in, likely through unsealed seams in the rear of the SUV.

Maybe an issue with the recent Stanislaus County Deputy’s crash?
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