In 2014 the very first post I put on Dawgs Blog was an article about the condition of Glen Campbell, and his battle with Alzheimer’s. Click HERE to see that post. This is an update on his condition.

In an interview with the Tennessean, his wife Kim gave details about her husband struggles and the sacrifices that have been made to care for him. Showing signs of dementia in 2009, and repeating himself constantly, the became obsessed with getting his daily chores done exactly right. See interview here

In 2011, he couldn’t find his way home from a golf course and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

His wife Kim as stated caring for her husband 24/7 just takes over your life, “they lose their identity because they can’t remember who they are, but as a caregiver you are losing your identity also.”

For three years now he’s been living in a long-term care facility and he has been declining even more so lately. She stated that she was trying to change his shirt and he had become agitated and told her, “not in front of them,” gesturing to the photos of his family around the room.

He’s lost most of his language, and tries to tell jokes to come out like gibberish. He will break out into an air guitar, He cannot play a regular guitar anymore. His daughter Emily, will come to visit and bring her guitar to play for him, and every so often he will open his mouth to seeing and get some type of vocal out that sounds like music.

The last recording that Glen Campbell made was titled “I’m not going to miss you,” which also was accompanied by a documentary about his struggle with the disease.

Glen Campbell in 2015 won what was probably his final Grammy award for that song, here it is:




  1. This one hurt but I watched it anyway for him. The man sure could play that guitar. Being one who has played one for 50 years, I know what its like to lose the ability when you get older and your memory starts to fade and you wonder if that damn disease is happening to you. When I think about Glenn, I hear “Wichita lineman” in my mind and it brings back so many memories. When we think of these individuals we must remember to always hold them in our hearts as they have always been and not as a person who can’t even put on their own clothes anymore or even speak to their most precious loved ones let alone even remember who they are. Its a horror to think about it. Thanks Dawg for that video. Glenn deserved it and we who have always loved him for “not” just who he was but who he still is. Me, I’m guitarrman45

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