By Marty Carlson


This last week a grand jury in Grayson County Texas, indicted a 19-year-old woman with false reports of kidnapping and sexual assault that she had made in March. She was arrested after allegedly admitting to fabricating the story of being attacked by three black men.

Breana Rachelle Harmon, 19 years old, was originally arrested for misdemeanor offenses relating to the false report, but Grayson County district attorney office stated the more they looked at the case and the harm caused, they opted to file felony charges.

The Denison Police Department, in addition to the criminal charges, is seeking $8000 in restitution related to the case.

She was indicted on to 3rd° felony counts of tampering with physical evidence and a third-degree felony count of tampering with a government record.

The felonies are punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison and $10,000 fine.

The District Attorney’s Office alleges that Harmon had the intent to defraud the police department and with that intent, because the false entry to be made in an official public report by making her false statement to investigators.

The complaint alleges that the Denison Police Department responded to a report of a missing person around 5 PM on March 8 at some local apartments, personal items were found on the ground next to the vehicle.

Neighbors reportedly saw her walking her dog and smoking a cigarette near the apartment in the afternoon, and then they were asked to check on her by her by her fiancé who was looking for her.

Later that evening the Police Department received a call that a woman matching Harmon’s description walked into a local church. Officers contacted her and she told him that she was kidnapped by three black males wearing ski masks. She was taken to a wooded area where she was assaulted and raped by two of the three suspects while the third held her down. The local crisis center was notified and a sexual assault team responded.

Initial searches of the dirt road where she ran from revealed investigators locating a black folding knife and a pair of socks. Some of the neighbor witnesses identified the property as belonging to Harmon.

Harmon said she ran through the woods and ended up at the church, and she received some cuts and abrasions during the struggle. Investigators say the wounds were not consistent with those that would be inflicted by a knife in a violent struggle.

The sexual assault team advised there was no physical evidence that a sexual assault that actually taken place and the nurse stated in her professional opinion it did not occur.

Then again on March 15 Harmon’s parents had contacted the police department who advised that she had been missing since early in the morning. Harmon left a note advising she was fine was going to do it’s needed to be done and not to worry. Eventually she was located, through phone records, and was with a gentleman by the name of Tyler still, (not her fiancé). Steel had told investigators she was hiding in his truck, and she was located nearby hiding in the bushes. Telling investigators that she was fine and just needed a break.

On March 21, after numerous interviews, Harmon confessed to filing a false report.