1. It seems that the more liberal this state becomes, the more criminals the state creates from its innocent citizens. San Fransisco is a perfect example. Its funny how they can have check points to look for DUI’s but not for checking for gang members with guns out to do some drive bys.

    • They do not do things for public safety but for revenue. DUI checkpoints and cell phone enforcements generate free money, via tickets, as the manpower is paid through state and federal grants. Gang sweeps have no revenue on the back end for revenue though there may be grants available for sweeps.
      In this case the public could be highly protected with more enforcement of the drug community, and the frustration levels of everyday victims would reach the level of Mr Boyer having feeling the need to defend himself and or property and family.
      The voters of California who refuse to inform themselves of the ballot issues, believe the propaganda they are spoon fed on TV, so they have no virtually decriminalized many drug charges. Now drug users like Mr. Pacheco are running longer and harder and getting more desperate. There will be a higher level of frustration by the victims of the drug addicts who are not getting help anymore as the voters have said they are victims and not predators.
      End result is more criminals being created out of the law abiders, and forgiving, decriminalizing, or not prosecuting the real predators.

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