Really? Must be Walmart…….



  1. Since there was a little boy involved and was making weapons to fight, someone should have “maned up” and told them both to stop. There was at least two men there and believe it or not, that little boy could have picked up some scissors and stabbed that other lady or gotten hurt or killed himself. We are talking about more than two people out of control. Because of that kid, it would have been outside of the comfort zone but someone needed to own the moment and even arrested bot h of them or at least tried for the sake of that little boy. What is it about Walmart? I was walking in that store and could easily see all of the stereotypes who’s pictures are all over the internet and labeled as WalMart patrons. Then a still small voice interrupted me as I gloated at all of the characters and said “hey! Your in here too”. I quietly walked out enlightened. Someone should have owned that moment for the sake of the kid. He was in too much danger and was being taught to be dangerous. If this is how the village is supposed to raise the children then here we have another “liberal” lie that doesn’t work as usual.

    • That is a very bad situation that could have gotten extremely worse very quickly by the mere presence of the child. And we saw the mother try to get him involved. I bet she is trying to do some quick talking to CPS these days, all because she wanted to be a dumass.
      Just because you are there is not a testament about you, your behavior there is.

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