ck college


By Marty Carlson


Allan Hancock College, in Santa Maria California, has a Board of Trustees meeting tonight at 6 PM, See agenda, where they’re going to discuss approving a tentative agreement with the state employees union at the college. The rank-and-file have been offered about 1.56% in salary but they are trying to strike a large part of their medical and dental. This is typical in these types of negotiations and is to be seen if will be accepted or renegotiated some more.

But also on tonight’s agenda with the Board of Trustees meeting is an item that they want to increase the salaries of supervisory confidential employees at this college, that increase they want to give is 47.7453%. That is almost 50% increase in their income. Part of the justification apparently, they are saying these employees are getting paid overtime and that would save them money. But a quick research on Transparent California shows a different story very little overtime has been paid to these type employees.

It also must be noted that each college negotiates independently with their employees, and this is not a raise but the entire college system but only at Hancock College.

Note the changes from July 2016 and July 2017

This seems to be a trend happening in our college education system, which of course is going to be paid for by our tax dollars and probably increased tuitions to the students. This type of thought process is part of the problem in the education system as a whole, and is not part of a solution.

If I hear any more about this I will keep you notified of any upcoming developments.

But for right now just sit here and shake my head some more.