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California’s death penalty system, dormant for nine years, might soon move slowly toward resuming executions.

As part of a court settlement reached on Tuesday, the state’s corrections department agreed to unveil a new execution method by the fall that will be tied to the outcome of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling expected sometime this month in a challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol.

While California is still far from executing one of the 750 condemned killers on death row, the development marks movement on the issue for the first time in years. There are at least 17 inmates on death row who have exhausted their legal appeals and would be eligible for execution dates.

State prison officials resolved a lawsuit filed last year by the families of victims of condemned killers who argued the state has a legal obligation to implement an execution method. A Sacramento judge earlier this year found the state should be required to move forward in a case brought by two families, including former UCLA and NFL star Kermit Alexander, whose mother, sister and nephews were murdered 31 years ago by a man now on death row.

Death penalty supporters have accused state leaders such as Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris of……

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California needs to shit or get off the pot regarding the death penalty. They asked the voters then the state would not accept their election results because they say the death penalty is inhuman. Remember this is the same state that has decided that terminally ill patients can be euthanized and have a way to do it humanly. They did not think it through where it could be used for executions too.

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