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Attacking a reporter?

Isn’t a reporter what they want 

for publicity for their cause?


From the daily Texan



University of Texas Police arrested a protester on charges of assault and bodily injury at 11:45 Friday morning after a Daily Texan reporter was hit, drawing blood and requiring stitches for the injury.

The protester, Latin American studies graduate student Eric Nava-Perez, was part of a student group protesting anti-sanctuary city legislation and supporting immigrant rights. Police arrested him on Speedway in front of the Blanton Museum 15 minutes after the incident.

University spokeswoman Cindy Posey said Nava-Perez has been booked into the Travis County jail.

Students gathered in West Mall on Friday morning to protest Senate Bill 4, a piece of Texas legislation requiring cities to comply with federal immigration authorities and authorizing local law enforcement to question a person’s immigration status during routine stops. A federal judge temporarily blocked the legislation on Wednesday night.

Fifteen minutes after the incident occurred, Nava-Perez was arrested while marching to the Texas Capitol building with roughly 25 other student protesters.

Many of the protesters did not know any violence had taken place. After Nava-Perez was escorted from the scene, protesters chanted, “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police.”

“I feel really upset about Eric’s arrest,” said Ashley Theissen, events organizer for the College of Natural Sciences. “We were not being disruptive at all, it seemed wrong.”

A crowd of roughly 20 protesters gathered around the Travis County Jail later in the afternoon to call for Nava-Perez’s release.

Theissen said she took a day off work to join the students protesting.

“I just felt like it’s not safe for students out on campus if we don’t show that that kind of law isn’t welcome,” Theissen said. “As a staff member I feel like it’s my responsibility.”

Students from social justice campus organizations such as Sanctuary UT and Solidarity 6.04 attended the event, as well as unaffiliated students who joined for personal reasons.

Business freshman Liliana Palacios said she marched to fight for the rights of immigrants.

“Since I am a first-generation Mexican-American, this is something that is very close to me,” Palacios said. “I think that it’s right for us to unify and fight for our rights.”

Electrical engineering sophomore Stuart Lyons stopped by the protest on West Mall this morning and said he had difficulty communicating with the demonstrators. He said he disagreed with a lot of what they were chanting.

“I have asked three different people now what their views are and three of them have left me because they don’t have time,” Lyons said. “They say they’re open-minded, they say they want to learn … and that (proves) that they’re not.”

Some people are their own worse enemy…….

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