By Warren Yates


I have been away from my journalistic pursuits for quite some time. The last article I wrote was titled the “I HEARD A JOKE THE OTHER DAY“. In that article which was about 10 pages long, I outlined why the California State Bar is a worthless organization. They failed to punish lawyers who have broken the code of ethics and the law of morality.

I mentioned that a prosecutor in Sacramento County had failed to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense in violation of Brady versus Maryland which resulted in an innocent person being incarcerated in the state prison for 17 years. The prosecutor in Sacramento County for his punishment for causing a young woman to lose 17 years of her life when she was innocent still felt as though he had done nothing really wrong. That makes him a worthless pond scum sucking piece of excrement.

Once the woman was exonerated and the prosecutorial misconduct of that Sacramento prosecutor was brought to the attention of the California State Bar, they really taught him a lesson that he should never break the law again and may be, just maybe the next time he should divulge all the exculpatory evidence to keep another innocent person from wasting nearly 2 decades of their life in prison for something they have not done.

After causing a woman 17 years of her life in a federal prison work she did not belong the California State Bar, are you ready for this? They ADMONISHED him. Boy I’m sure he will feel the sting of that punishment for the rest of his miserable life. What a joke! The reason I bring this up is to show the contrast between the California State Bar and the New York State Bar. In a case currently active here in Stanislaus County, there is a multimillionaire from San Francisco who has been charged, arrested and released on bail.

What was he charged with? More than 11 felony counts involving sexual misconduct with a girl starting when she was 14 years old. In our jurisprudence system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If you take the time to go to the Stanislaus County Superior Court and look up the file, after reading it, you would find it hard to become a fair and impartial juror. Now understand that this pubescent little girl will probably have psychological trauma for the rest of her life.

This person is from the Ukraine has been actively pursuing court hearings in an attempt to get his passport back for the reported reason of checking on a couple of businesses he has in Europe. One might question whether or not he wants to get his passport back for another reason which you should be able to figure out for yourself.

The parallel here is that both the scumbag Sacramento County prosecutor and this in dated child rapist have both ruined a female’s life. The Sacramento County victim whose name is Gloria Killian spent 17 years in prison at the hands of the Sacramento County prosecutor. We thank God that she has been exonerated and has been released and is currently aiding other wrongly convicted persons and working with the innocence projects around the country. She will never be able to retrieve the 17 years she was robbed of by prosecutorial misconduct.

The now 16-year-old little girl has her own prison that she has been sentenced to at the hands of this indicted child rapist. The little girl is not behind bars, but the indicted child rapist has given her a life sentence that she will probably never escape from. In hearing about case studies of children being grossly sexually abused, there is very little hope that a lifetime of psychotherapy could return her mind to normalcy.

In the same vein, persons who are child molesters and child rapists, no matter how long they spend in jail or prison or how many years of therapy they go through, it is well documented that the recidivism rate for child molesters and child rapists is astronomical. A recent study has shown that only 50% of the sexual deviants who are required to register their address and keep it current with law enforcement do so.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because this indicted child rapist was an attorney in New York State. He is considered to be an entrepreneur as he has several businesses he has started up here in the United States. In one of his businesses he hacked the computer of a competitor in order to interfere with the competitors business and also to steal clients. He was federally charged for the computer hacking and pled guilty to the federal felony 18 USC subsection 2701 and 2 (b).

On January 3, 2005, respondent was sentenced to probation for a term of two years, ordered to pay a $5000 fine and a special assessment of $100.

October 20, 2005, the predator pedophile was disbarred in the state of New York. It took only nine months for the State Bar of New York to disbar this crooked predator pedophile attorney for a federal offense of what amounted to computer hacking for profit.


Gloria Killian was released in August 2002 after being exonerated. On November 4, 2008, more than six years later after pompous ass Cleland’s trial at the state bar in commiefornia, he was slapped on the wrist. What a terribly egregious miscarriage of justice. Not only that pompous ass Cleland didn’t have to be held accountable for his egregious prosecutorial misconduct but he is still allowed to practice law. There can be little doubt as to why the public has a somewhat negative opinion about certain attorneys and the commiefornia State Bar.


The New York State Bar is serious about holding errant lawyers feet to the fire and does it quickly as opposed to the commiefornia State Bar. If the indicted child rapists is found guilty of any or all of his 11 plus child predator counts, he should spend the maximum time in prison and hopefully with consecutive sentences on each count. The Sacramento County district attorney prosecutor rather than getting patted on the head and told “don’t do that again” should have been sent to prison. So the commiefornia State Bar and the fact laughed it off and forgot about it. Lady Justice was definitely raped in the Sacramento County prosecutorial misconduct case.

Well it’s time to get current here and I was not able to attend the morning session today but dropped in in the afternoon for the preliminary hearing for Scott McFarland and Eduardo Quintanar. I arrived a little late and one of Scott McFarland’s prior partners was on the stand. While listening to him testify I was quite proud of him. While Ferreira was grilling him regarding his association with Scott McFarland and events surrounding the disappearance of Korey Kauffman, I was enamored with the amount of times in response to her questions he answered “I don’t remember”, “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall”.

Why was I so thrilled you ask? It was the first time during this whole preliminary hearing that Ferreira was hearing what all of her dregs of society lowlife witnesses said in response to questions by the defense attorneys throughout this hearing. I was ecstatic.

As I sat in the gallery I was behind Ferreira and Bunch who of course her sitting next to each other. Continually during the questioning, Ferreira and Bunch putting their heads together so many times it reminded me of decades ago when if you went to the drive-in movies you would see teenagers, presumably a boy and a girl putting their heads together stealing kisses during the movie. Nostalgia here we come.

During Ferreira’s direct examination of her witness and subsequent witness Bunch, she was continually reminded by Judge Zuniga that the only questions you should be asking on those relevant and not go off on some side tangent. I was told by a person in the gallery that apparently Judge Zuniga wants this hearing to be over by the end of the week. I don’t nominate witnesses for a plastic call but tomorrow is Wednesday and she better get a move on.


I noticed that when Bunch was on the stand, she had various transcripts and CDs that she had to get entered into evidence and she made numerous trips between the witness stand where Bunch was identifying the items, that she had to come back down around toward the gallery around the table containing the attorneys and the clients and then up toward the judge’s clerk and then she had to come back down around to her chair.

I can’t tell you how many times she made those laps around the well but I am sure that she got enough exercise so that she did not have to go to In Shape tonight. Those of you in the area, need no explanation about In Shape. For those of you outside of the greater commiefornia area, In Shape is a chain of commercial gymnasiums.

In response to a question from Ferreira, Bunch began to name some of the people he talked to from the California Highway Patrol. Among those he talked to was a Capt. Samra. And when I heard that name let me tell you, bells and whistles were going crazy in my head. It reminded me of one of the lowlife dirty dirt bag, scum bag, chicken crap tricks that Ferreira and Bunch pulled on somebody named Samra. For those of you who had no bells and whistles going off in their heads, and I have to admit sometimes I have really weird things in my head, I will refresh your recollection by cutting and pasting to show you how lowlife the guardians of truth Justice and the American way are. So here it goes.

August 12, 2016 – We all remember that incident in which this dynamic duo went to Turlock to intim, interr I mean interview Mr. Samra before defense attorney Forkner could talk to him. After verbally beating Mr. Samra about the head shoulders and shins and when departing admonished him that “this didn’t happen” and “we weren’t here”. So that means that if someone asked Mr. Samra under oath if Special Agent Kirk Bunch and Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira were there, they would be guilty of a violation of California Penal Code section 127 a felony, subordination of perjury. What is this world coming to? We know at least here in Stanislaus County don’t we people. Just saying…

Then in court when Mr. Samra did not provide the answers that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira wanted, she showed that she slept through the class on integrity and ethics and said to him “Don’t you have a warrant out for you?” Well he did have and they knew that a few days prior when they intiminterr I mean interviewed him at his business in Turlock. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could easily see that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira did that as a vindictive punishment to teach him a lesson for not saying what they wanted him to.

What a cheap shot by Ferreira. DISGUSTING! I’m sure you all remember that. Oh you don’t? I’m sure a little businessman from another country trying to make a living remembers it.

Along the same lines, when this is over and I write a book about the rape of justice in Stanislaus County, I am also going to tell about a lowlife by the name of Frank Navarro. I will tell how he tried to con someone because of a prior friendship and when that didn’t work he turned on that person like a dirty pond scum sucking snake slithering on its belly through fecal matter. But that’s for another day.

I’m going to try to sneak into court as often as I can this week to watch poetry in motion. HA HA HA!!!! Well as you all may have heard there is no more Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. The lights went out on that show very recently after decades and decades. But have no fear, the Dingaling Sisters and Bunch and Evers Circus and clown show has center stage all to themselves.

Well that’s it for now. Good Lord willing and if the BS don’t rise too high, I get in as often as I can.


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